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Precious – Entire Second Grade Class Came To Celebrate Their Classmate’s Adoption

  There’s nothing more special than realizing one now has a “forever home.” Even though Jasmine Brown had a tragic start to her life – she was ecstatic to celebrate the happiest day of her life surrounded by her entire class. And once you hear the details of this heartwarming […]

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3 Ways To Celebrate National Adoption Month

  In the United States alone, it’s estimated over 117,000 children are waiting to be adopted. Many people are surprised to hear this number, especially with all the families who struggle with infertility who want to adopt. But the good news is – you can celebrate National Adoption Month and […]

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Shocking! Girl Is Taken To Abortion Clinic By Social Worker And Then Brought Back To Abusive Foster Home

  Children have to process unbelievable trauma after living in a dysfunctional home, being taken from it, and then placed in a stranger’s home- almost overnight. Sadly, that is what thousands of children are forced to deal with who are put in the foster care system. While we’d like to […]

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After More Than 3,739 Days In Foster Care – This Teen Finally Has A Home

  There’s nothing worse than feeling unwanted and rejected – especially without a family to call your own. 17-year old Akyra knows this all too well as she spent more than 10-years in the foster system being tossed from place to place. Just when she had given up all hope […]

Woman’s Passion for Helping Children Proves That One Person Can Make a Difference

Woman’s Passion for Helping Children Proves That One Person Can Make a Difference

  The world can be a frightening place in which to raise children these days. We’re surrounded by scary headlines in the news and stories on social media, and it sometimes leads us to wonder what has happened to human decency. But one woman is making national headlines for being […]