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You Won’t Believe This Woman’s Brutal Attack On Stay-At-Home Moms

  Many women choose to stay at home and care for their little ones. But according to one liberal – these women should be ashamed of themselves. Ripping into stay-at-home moms, feminist Jill Filipovic went so far as to call these hard-working moms unambitious, and even claimed they were setting […]

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What Is Cancel Culture And How Has It Influenced Our Everyday Life?

  We have seen a major shift in American culture as liberals butcher history and attempt to redefine absolutes. And when concerned citizens begin to notice that the left is creating a subjective and relative society torn from reality, they label conservatives as crazy, a bigot, or some new phobia […]

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4 Engaging Ways To De-Stress As A Family

  Kids are little sponges – they mimic daddy watching television with their little legs crossed and bob their head to your favorite song right along with you in the car. But, unfortunately, that also means they pick up on when you are sad, frustrated, or stressed. So, if you […]

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Woman Tik-Tokker Who Mocks Abortion And Calls It ‘Hilarious’ Just Landed A New Public Gig

  There’s nothing more horrific than an abortionist ripping a tiny innocent baby from its mother’s womb. But according to a social media TikTokker who goes by the name “AbortionQweenn– abortion is something “hilarious.” And instead of condemning her actions, it turns out her “mock abortions” actually landed her a […]

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Wacky Liberal Claims Gender Reveal Parties Are “Transphobic” Because “Biological Sex” Doesn’t Exist

  Many parents delight at the excitement of finding out the gender of their baby and often throw a gender reveal party to reveal the surprise. But according to LGBT activists – parents are “incorrect” and “transphobic” to even think about hosting these types of parties. And once you hear […]

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Traveling Mom Fined $18k Because Her COVID-19 Test Was Expired By Just 2-Hours

  Traveling with little ones is stressful enough – but adding the stress of following the latest COVID-19 mandate makes it almost unbearable. When one mom made the trip from Canada to the United States with her children and their grandmother for a medical appointment – they never dreamed they’d […]

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According To The Arizona Education Department – 3 Month Old Babies Are Racist

  Liberals are obsessed with calling everyone and everything “racist” – but their latest accusation really takes the cake. The Arizona Department of Education decided to craft an “Equality Toolkit” to teach parents how their children are racist… … even claiming babies as young as 3-months old can have racist […]

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Kid’s Show Warns They Were Not Politically Correct Enough While Ignoring Dangerous Content

  The United States, and much of the world, seems to have lost all notions of common sense. Morality is no longer the foundation for which much of society deems right from wrong. With the liberal shove to inject LGBT ideals into every aspect of American life, including that of […]

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Black Leaders Discuss The Racist Roots Of Planned Parenthood

  As liberals attempt to insist conservatives are “racist” and accuse pro-lifers of targeting minorities– black leaders have stepped up to tell the real truth. After all, Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger, whose racist ties started an organization that deliberately targeted minorities for abortion. And once you hear […]

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Gender Reveal Announcement Turns Deadly

  There is a party for everything nowadays – birthday, leaving for college, new job, and many more. However, bringing a new life into this world is certainly something to celebrate, and with modern technology allowing us to see the gender long before that memorable day where we get to […]