What Is Detoxing And Will Does It Really Work Miracles?

Photo by Yasmeen on Flickr.com


When your friend asks you to detox with her, the first thing you think is that you’re going to be starving for the next few days while you plug your nose and chug thick mystery sludge.

While detoxing does often entail some discomfort by taking you outside of your usual dietary routine, you don’t have to suffer doing it.

Read on to learn what it means to detox, and all that happens within your body when you take on the challenge.

Simply put, detoxing is removing toxins from your body for the purpose of being healthier.

The most popular form of detoxing is doing a “juice cleanse” – which doesn’t actually “cleanse” anything – but it does allow the body to filter out all the toxins without all the impediments we ingest on a daily basis.

Organs throughout the body work together to keep things running smoothly, but it is the kidney and liver that filters toxins out.

Before we go any further, it is pertinent to comment that you should consult with a health professional before beginning any detoxing program.

There are two primary ways to detox the body, to put things in it that aid in the detoxing process or to fast from the things that inhibit the detoxing process.

Here are the top ways you can begin a detox without purchasing any big kits that promise skin 10 years younger, energy that parallels that of your toddler, and the waistline of a Kardashian.


Gut health is vital for the functioning of your whole body, including clarity of thought and healthy skin.

Mommy Underground has already reported on how boosting your baby’s gut bacteria can have life-long benefits, but beginning a good gut health routine at any age is extremely beneficial.

As you rid your intestines of waste and toxins with probiotics, bloating and discomfort diminish.


While some experts have spoken against ridding toxins from the body through sweating, it still detoxes by cycling air in the lungs, increasing circulation, and getting rid of fat – which stores all sorts of unwanted toxins.

While a sauna will definitely make you sweat, there’s still no substitute as effective as good ol’ fashioned exercise.

Even busy moms who can’t go to the bathroom without little fingers pressing under the door can squeeze in a quick workout with Mommy Underground’s quick workout tips.

Incorporate small changes into your daily routine to feel the satisfaction of working up a sweat while your body releases toxins that have been infecting your good health.


One of the simplest ways to detox the body is to increase your water consumption.

Limit liquids that dehydrate your body like coffee and alcohol, and increase your water – or sparkling water – intake and watch your waistline slim down, your sleep improve, and your energy level go up.

Put your favorite water bottle next to you during every activity – homeschooling, exercising, nursing, and cooking – to ensure you reach for a sip when the urge arises.

If you are questioning whether you get enough water to drink, err on the side of no – making a conscious effort to make water intake an important part of your day.

If you decide to embark on a detox journey that entails freshly squeezed green juices and herbal supplements – more power to you.

However, you don’t have to go all-in to begin detoxing unwanted organisms from your body.

Just taking these few, small steps will give you big health benefits.