Virginia Public Schools Withhold Scholarships For “Equality” 

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Hard work and dedication used to be qualities rewarded by the education system. 

Sadly, in an effort to make all students “feel” included, public schools are holding back those who excel.

Adding insult to injury, this flawed ideology in public education recently doubled down in a way you will not believe.

The Christian Post reports:

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin criticized the state’s largest school district for spending $450,000 on an “equity” coach as district officials neglected to inform students of the national merit recognition in time for them to apply for scholarships.”

What is Virginia’s largest school district?

None other than the notorious Fairfax County – which has garnered several headlines recently for their extreme liberal fails. 

This time, it isn’t asking children about their sexual history or gender identity without their parents’ knowledge.

Or, calling parents who want a good education for their children KKK members.

This time, Governor Youngkin is pointing out the failure of Fairfax County public schools for spending an astronomical amount of money (that should be going to teachers and worthwhile educational materials) to hire an “equity” coach. 

The position is exactly as ridiculous as it sounds.

An individual is hired to make sure the school doesn’t act in any way that puts one student above another – like a student who worked tirelessly to earn the recognition of a particular university and a student who put in the bare minimum. 

In an interview with news outlet WJLA-TV, Youngkin disclosed how Fairfax County School administrators decided that they were going to systematically withhold accolades and a path to college admission and scholarships for high-performing students.” 

He later added in the interview:

“It seems to have been withheld from them for the purpose of not wanting to make people feel bad who didn’t achieve it.”

School administrators have a duty to their communities and students to provide the best education possible and give children the tools they need to succeed.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen time and time again how the liberal minions in these positions taint the value of education for the sake of “equality” – pushing the traditional family down in order to build up a genre broken upon its inception.

Youngkin revealed to the public in his interview how the superintendent of Fairfax County schools “explicitly stated that her top objective is equal outcomes for all students regardless of the price.”

We have seen that price, and it is higher than most families can afford.

High-achieving students are being punished for no reason other than for working harder than their peers. 

Parents, students, and Governor Youngkin are irate by this egregious attempt to make all students “equal.”

The good news is the injustices that have occurred in Fairfax County’s school system have been fought with valor. 

Surely we will see it again – and hopefully we will see justice prevail.