Virginia Democrats Think Everyone Who Wants Schools To Re-Open Are KKK Members 

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The left is notorious for demonizing anyone who doesn’t agree with them, using grade-school tactics instead of mature diplomacy.

Well, at least this time they brought the fight to the playground.

Virginia Dems say a piece of paper they found proves all parents who want their children back in school are racist.

Never mind how encouraging education and racism are not connected at all.

Fairfax County, Virginia gained negative media attention for caving to teacher’s union demands for schools to remain closed, even though science and the CDC gave the all’s-clear to open.

So to defend their case, union members, and the Democrats that supported them, presented a flyer they found from the KKK.

Apparently, the KKK is not fond of the school board members of Fairfax County, calling them “Jew-inspired, communist, queer-loving sex fiends,” among other things.

And because parents who want the schools to reopen are also not fans of the board members, well, then they must be KKK sympathizers – or so goes the Dems way of thinking.

The evidence was posted by a Democratic official who showed two wrinkled pieces of paper with the offensive words typed on them.

State Delegate Marcus Simon wrote in a tweet:

“I’m not saying everybody who supports Open FCPS is a member of the KKK, but when the KKK is on your side, you need to rethink your priorities.”

The head of the local SEIU, David Broder, immediately took advantage of the flyer to raise money for all the poor “victims” targeted by the KKK.

Broder said according to The Daily Wire:

Fairfax School Board member Laura Jane Cohen has been targeted by anti-equity, anti-worker, anti-LGBTQ extremists since she won her seat. And now the KKK is flyering her district. Join me in standing up against hate. Donate to LJC today!

Homosexual school board member Karl Frisch took the flyer as an opportunity to promote “Pride Month”.

You got to give it to the Dems, they are resourceful when it comes to promoting their agenda – unfortunately, not when it comes to anything that matters like the financial well-being of this nation.

After all the hype- and loose associations- it seems likely the flyers were nothing more than bad humor.

David Gordon, director of state political action committee, The Virginia Project, told The Daily Wire:

The flyer bears all the hallmarks of a cynical hoax.”

There were merely 30 flyers uncovered in a county of 1.2 million, cited the police.

No one has been able to track down the possible creator and/or the distributor/s of the flyers, and the Democrats have no proof of origin, reports The Daily Wire.

The lack of proof associated with the ill-written flyer should give one pause before posting outrageous allegations on social media.

There is a well-used and respected saying in science, “correlation does not mean causation.”

In other words, just because two people happen to have one common interest, it does not mean they are directly related.

Good parents will continue to look out for their children’s best interests when it comes to their education – and that doesn’t mean they hate teachers, want everyone to get sick and die, or that they are KKK sympathizers!