Pro-Life Democrat Slams The Abortion Industry And Their Racist Ties To Margaret Sanger

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Although Planned Parenthood has strong racist roots going back to founder Margaret Sanger – somehow Democrats want to sweep “that part” of history under the rug.

But in a passionate March for Life speech, Treneé McGee, a black Democrat state representative from Connecticut, called out the racism still being pushed by pro-aborts – and challenged pro-lifers to take a stand against it.

Her speech shocked abortion advocates and caused embarrassment to Planned Parenthood as their agenda could no longer be hidden – and just wait until you hear what McGee had to say.

To start, Mommy Underground has long reported on the deep, racist roots of Planned Parenthood and abortionists – and has called out the racist tactics of Planned Parenthood still being pushed today – such as targeting black neighborhoods with clinics or displaying billboards in their communities.

While we at Mommy Underground believe every baby deserves the chance to be born – Planned Parenthood is eager to abort as many babies as they can – and they especially take advantage of vulnerable women from impoverished neighborhoods by lying to them and telling them abortion is their only option.

And McGee 100 percent agrees – and gave the most incredible speech for the world to hear at the March for Life.

She started off with crediting those who have tried to educate their communities on the racist ties of Planned Parenthood and make their true intentions known – which haven’t changed since their racist founder Margaret Sanger started her crusade to kill babies. 

Live Action reported:

“Your knowledge and insight into the systemically racist abortion industry is being exposed. Your ‘no’ to Margaret Sanger the day she came to your doors and told you to abort your children will be heard around the world,” said McGee.

“The younger generation of Black, Latina, Indigenous, and women of color are taking our rightful place to expose the mass genocide of our children and the stain of blood across the movement that says its standing to protect us.”

And she’s exactly right!

The left is quick to scream “Black Lives Matter” …

… without understanding the most dangerous place for a black baby is inside its mother’s womb.

Live Action continued:

“McGee went on to speak directly to the abortion industry and abortion advocates, telling them, “You’ve mocked impoverished communities all while putting clinics in them. You’ve told me that I can’t be Black and pro-life because Black women need abortions more than anyone. You tell us that we are disproportionally impacted, never giving us our due proportions from the start. 

You have pocketed off the fear and pain of women and minors who don’t feel fit to parent. You’ve handed minors abortion pills in silence and told them not to tell their parents. The aches and pains of rape, trafficking, and fear of mothering has made you rich!”

At the end of the day – it always comes down to money.

Planned Parenthood doesn’t care how they make money – as long as they do.

They’ll abort the baby of an underage girl, a poor woman, or a rich socialite – as long as they can kill babies and get paid – they’re happy.

Cheers to Treneé McGee for going against the abortion views being pushed by her own Party – and standing up for life! 

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