Black Leaders Discuss The Racist Roots Of Planned Parenthood

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As liberals attempt to insist conservatives are “racist” and accuse pro-lifers of targeting minorities– black leaders have stepped up to tell the real truth.

After all, Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger, whose racist ties started an organization that deliberately targeted minorities for abortion.

And once you hear the real truth behind the abortion industry – you’ll be outraged at just how deep racism is imbedded into their history.

Abortion clinics hide behind the facade of “helping women” – but the truth is they are targeting vulnerable communities in a wicked way.

From targeting minorities with a billboard campaign to slay their own babies, to actually honoring their racist founder, it’s clear there is a massive disconnect.

After all, as Mommy Underground previously reported, the most dangerous place for a black life is inside a mother’s womb.

Even formal Planned Parenthood board members have admitted the ways Planned Parenthood targets the black community.

One would think with all of this evidence, it would be a known fact at just how racist Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics actually are.

But somehow, they’re able to keep their history buried, or at least cause others to ignore it.

One black pro-life leader refuses to stay silent any longer about the travesty of abortion among his black community.

Rev. Walter B. Hoye II is the founder of a group called Issues4Life which helps spread the pro-life message to black leaders, who can then communicate it to their people.

Hoye is fully aware about the racist history of Planned Parenthood – but he encourages leaders to shift from that, and start to take responsibility for what is currently happening today.

Live Action reported:

“Whether we want to admit it or not, we’re killing ourselves — again, we’re responsible … When you look at all these problems with abortion, the problem isn’t “Margaret Sanger fooled us.” That’s not the problem. Yeah, there was a Negro Project … and yeah, she paid many of the most influential Black history figures to be a part of that project. They’re listed, and that’s not a secret … They were getting paid to preach birth control sermons in church…

And according to Hoye, “There’s no problem in Black America today that’s more serious.”

Hoye went on to stress the importance of how no other issue matters if a baby isn’t able to be born.

And he’s exactly right.

The right to life is inherent, given by God.

If our country can’t defend the most vulnerable among society – no other right matters.

To march for “women’s rights” while slaying unborn babies in the womb shows just how out of touch many women have become after being brainwashed with the lie of empowerment.

It’s not empowering for a mother to rip a baby from her womb.

Thankfully Hoye is doing his part to spread the truth on the abortion industry and equip black leaders with tools to teach their people on pro-life issues.

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