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Teachers Are Calling For An Overhaul Of The “White, Middle-Class” Grading System

  Liberals have been trying to re-define terms and twist societies views on all things traditional. It has gone so far that just being a white, middle-class United States citizen is demonized, being blamed for the source of all things wrong in the world. Just when you thought it couldn’t […]

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According To The Arizona Education Department – 3 Month Old Babies Are Racist

  Liberals are obsessed with calling everyone and everything “racist” – but their latest accusation really takes the cake. The Arizona Department of Education decided to craft an “Equality Toolkit” to teach parents how their children are racist… … even claiming babies as young as 3-months old can have racist […]

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Black Leaders Discuss The Racist Roots Of Planned Parenthood

  As liberals attempt to insist conservatives are “racist” and accuse pro-lifers of targeting minorities– black leaders have stepped up to tell the real truth. After all, Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger, whose racist ties started an organization that deliberately targeted minorities for abortion. And once you hear […]