According To The Arizona Education Department – 3 Month Old Babies Are Racist

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Liberals are obsessed with calling everyone and everything “racist” – but their latest accusation really takes the cake.

The Arizona Department of Education decided to craft an “Equality Toolkit” to teach parents how their children are racist…

… even claiming babies as young as 3-months old can have racist tendencies.

Yes, seriously.

According to these leftist educators, babies who can’t even feed themselves, move around, or talk are somehow “racist.”

The “Equality Toolkit” included an infographic highlighting the different ways children can be racist, and went even further to claim only white children kept their “racial prejudice” as they aged.

The Washington Examiner reported:

“At birth, babies look equally at faces of all races. At 3 months, babies look more at faces that match the race of their caregivers,” the graphic says.

By 30 months, children are using race to choose playmates, and by ages 4 to 5, children’s “expressions of racial prejudice peak.”

But while black and Hispanic children start to lose their inherent racism, white children are apparently prone to carry racial biases further into adolescence.

“By five, Black and Latinx children in research settings show no preference toward their own groups compared to Whites; White children at this age remain strongly biased in favor of whiteness,” the graphic reads.”

Of course, this is absolutely ridiculous.

Kids are kids, and they like to play and have fun with other kids – they don’t care what the color their friend’s skin is.

And to actually claim babies are “racist” shows just how out of touch and warped these educators are.

Instead of actually dealing with real problems children are facing – like depression from being isolated from their friends at school due to COVID-19 school closures

… or having the LGBT agenda shoved down their throats– these Arizona “educators” decided to create a problem that doesn’t even exist.

And with everything being canceled from Dr. Suess to cartoon characters – it’s having a damaging effect on children.

Kids are being taught to be ashamed of the color of their skin – and before they can even speak they’re being labeled as racist.

The obsession with teaching kids to admit their “white privilege” doesn’t speak to reality on what is going on.

All it does is create a culture of fear and shame.

But this leftist movement of labeling everyone and everything as “racist” has picked up steam – even teaching young children to hate and fear the police calling them “bad guys” in a fabricated race war.

Instead of dreaming up problems that don’t exist, school officials should work to protect children against the “transgender” movement which has infiltrated everything from school sports to kids simply trying to use the restroom.

But instead, they’ve dreamed up yet another “problem” to spend money trying to fix.

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