Hot Mics Bust School Board Members Calling Parents Drug Addicts For Wanting Schools To Reopen

Photo by Sourabh Belekar on Unsplash


A virtual school board meeting recently took place online – and school board members were actively talking and bashing parents among themselves.

What they didn’t realize was a hot mic was live and picked up all their insulting comments towards parents – and you won’t believe all the horrific things they said.

From calling parents “drug addicts” to insisting they just wanted “babysitters” to watch their kids, wait until you hear what these school members were caught saying.

The meeting began with the school board members arrogantly bashing parents for wanting schools to open.

The four board members Kim Beede, Erica Ippolito, Richie Masadas, and Lisa Brizendine spoke comments laced with profanity and full of insults towards parents as they smugly talked together – not realizing a mic was picking up their entire conversation.

The Washington Post reported:

“After some laughter, Brizendine chimed in to commiserate with others about the growing criticism they’ve faced over closed schools, suggesting parents really want schools to reopen so they get their babysitters back.

Masadas suggested parents wanted their free time for other reasons.

“My brother had a delivery service for medical marijuana. The high clientele were the parents with their kids at school. When you have your kids at home, no more (inaudible),” Masadas said, clasping his hands on his forehead as others chuckled in the background.”

Naturally, parents were outraged once they learned what the school board had to say about them and a petition was started to hold them accountable.

Since the controversy, all four school board members have resigned.

This stunt shows just how out of touch school board and educators are with parents and students.

Parents have taken the burden of not only working, but finding ways to have their children attend virtual schooling so they don’t fall too far behind.

Naturally, children have suffered due to isolation and not being allowed to be around their peers, not to mention the ways they’ve fallen behind academically not being able to learn in the classroom.

But instead of working hard to open up schools, the school board lived up to their reputation of arrogance.

To actually accuse parents of just wanting “babysitters” for their children, even going as far as to call them drug addicts who just want to send their kids to school so they can get high is unconscionable.

Thankfully, these bad apples were busted and enough pressure was put on them to resign before they could do more damage, but there are still leftist school board members all throughout the country causing terror to their communities.

No parents should feel guilty for speaking up about wanting schools to open back up.

Especially when districts actually have the nerve to criticize parents for teaching their own children!

Children are suffering, and we need to get them back learning in the classrooms – especially as homeschooling is not possible for every single family.

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