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Baltimore Students Have 1.0 GPA After Returning From Virtual Learning

  Children have had a challenging couple of years with their entire routines flipped upside-down. The introduction of virtual schooling as the primary education source has left a lot of kids behind from lack of computers, internet connection, oversight, encouragement – just to name a few. Baltimore saw this decline […]

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Hot Mics Bust School Board Members Calling Parents Drug Addicts For Wanting Schools To Reopen

  A virtual school board meeting recently took place online – and school board members were actively talking and bashing parents among themselves. What they didn’t realize was a hot mic was live and picked up all their insulting comments towards parents – and you won’t believe all the horrific […]

Distance Learning Is Causing Kids All Over America To Fail – Especially Those With Disabilities

Distance Learning Is Causing Kids All Over America To Fail – Especially Those With Disabilities

As children and parents wrap up a weary and frustrating year of distance learning – many families are shocked at just how far their kids are behind in their studies. All along, conservative parents warned of the drastic consequences of isolating a child from their peers and forcing them to […]

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Are Our Nation’s Schools Giving Kids the Wrong Tools For Developing Healthy Habits?

  With the rise in virtual learning over the course of this year, many parents are getting a better idea of what their children are learning in school. While balancing this new form of education has been difficult for many of us, it does provide us an opportunity to better […]

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Parents Can Help Kids Avoid This Complication of Distance Learning

  In recent years, parents have had to remain vigilant over the amount of time children spend in front of screens. But with technology rapidly evolving and even young children spending increased time in front of tablets, computers, and smart phones, we’re all spending more time staring at screens than […]

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Moms Are Suffering Major Burnout From Sleepless Nights – And It’s Worse Than You Think

  The pandemic has caused chaos in many homes, but studies show moms are feeling it most. Many moms used to look forward to tucking their little ones into bed, and enjoying a peaceful night’s rest. But with kids at home and wacky sleep schedules – everyone’s circadian rhythm is […]

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Teachers Stage “Sick Outs” To Protest Having To Go Back To School

  As summer comes to an end, it’s not uncommon for many children to dread going back to school. Some may fake being sick hoping to fool mom while others simply throw a tantrum at the thought of going back. Except this time, it’s the teachers who are in protest […]