Teachers Stage “Sick Outs” To Protest Having To Go Back To School

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As summer comes to an end, it’s not uncommon for many children to dread going back to school.

Some may fake being sick hoping to fool mom while others simply throw a tantrum at the thought of going back.

Except this time, it’s the teachers who are in protest at having to go to school and teach – and you won’t believe what stunt they’ve pulled this time.

In one school district – many students who had been cooped up for months were eagerly anticipating the thought of going back to school and seeing all their friends, in person.

However, their joy was quickly taken away as the school district was forced to cancel all classes.

It wasn’t because of a massive outbreak, and nobody was sick.

A group of rogue teachers decided to host a fake “sick out” and refuse to do their jobs and teach – and as a result there were no teachers available to teach the children.


Parents who have jobs and had planned to send their children back are now forced to deal with the aftermath of an adult temper tantrum.

The superintendent was forced to respond, and penned a letter to parents which only created further outrage.

A portion of the letter stated:

“We have received an overwhelming response from staff indicating that they do not feel safe returning to classrooms with students. In response, we have received a high volume of staff absences for Monday citing health and safety concerns.

Due to these insufficient staffing levels, schools will not be able to re-open on Monday as planned. This means that all classes, including virtual learning, will be canceled. At this time, we do not know the duration of these staff absences, and cannot yet confirm when in-person instruction may resume…

Please know that we are acutely aware of how polarizing this issue is, and how challenging these ongoing developments are for our entire community. We will continue to work closely with our employees and our families to develop solutions that provide a safe and healthy return to school.”

Even “virtual learning” is off the books because a group of teachers don’t feel “safe” doing their job?


Teachers need to live in the real world.

Grocery store workers have been on the front lines for month, stocking shelves with food and supplies.

Servers and food delivery services have provided food for people who were hungry and wanted to eat.

People who have jobs, get up and do their jobs, because that is what they are paid to do!

And when teachers don’t do their jobs, students suffer and parents are left (yet again) to pick up the slack and find a solution.

But even proactive parents who take matters into their own hands and find their own tutors are being told to “stand down” so their children don’t become “smarter” than the others.

Teachers who refuse to do their jobs should be fired. Period.

If any other employee hosted a fake sick out in protest, they wouldn’t have a job.

But of course, teachers hide behind a union which allows them to basically do whatever they want.

At the same time, if a conservative teacher protests anything – like transgender locker rooms –they’re fired.

The hypocrisy is maddening.

One can only hope the political games will be solved quickly before our children suffer even more.

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