Teacher Fired For Protesting Transgender Locker Rooms

The LGBT culture war is nothing new, but the latest backlash against a teacher who stood against perversion is shocking.

When a school insisted “transgender” boys and girls could change together, that was bad enough.

But you won’t believe what action the teacher did in his protest of “transgender” locker rooms that got him fired.

It is beyond sickening that school officials would even make biological boys and girls change together.

Not only is this a gross invasion of privacy, but it’s traumatic.

Forcing a young girl to undress around a male who “thinks he’s a girl” is sexual abuse. The same is true for a girl who “thinks she’s a boy” stripping in front of young men.

No child should have to undergo such acts in the name of “tolerance”.

And one school teacher agreed.

He agreed females should be allowed to change without having men in the room.

But when one girl “decided” she was a boy, and therefore should be allowed to change in the boy’s locker room, the school backed her up.

And, they demanded the male teacher to “supervise” the students in the locker room.

But when the male teacher refused to watch young girls undress in the locker room – the school responded with a vengeance.

They fired him.

Not only did the school fire him, they put a gag order on him forbidding him to warn parents about what was happening behind closed doors.

In response, Liberty Council, who provides pro bono support when First Amendment or religious rights are violated, immediately drafted a letter to the school board calling them out.

An excerpt from the letter states:

“Both of the P.E. teachers, Robert O. and Stephanie C., objected to administrators’

orders to allow the girl into the bathroom, with no forewarning of the boys, or their parents,

so that the boys could take steps to protect their privacy. Administrators told them that

informing the boys so they could take steps to protect their privacy would be

“discriminatory,” and subject them to discipline.

Robert also objected to administrators’ order that he continue to walk into and

supervise the locker room, despite a girl potentially being nude or undressed in that area.

The administrators told him that the girl in question had “every right to use the locker room,”

including the right to disrobe in the open locker area, and shower in its open showers,

where Robert is required to periodically walk in and supervise. Robert will not knowingly

place himself in a position to observe a minor female in the nude or otherwise in a state of


Now, Robert has been told by administrators that he will be transferred to another

school as discipline for “not doing your job in the locker room.”

The letter went on to say when the girl entered the locker room for the first time, the boys were changing and embarrassed, but because of the gag order placed on the P.E. teachers, they couldn’t give any information.

Make no mistake, LGBT activists are determined to force their agenda mainstream.

But the worst part of all is children are truly being subjected to sexual abuse, and opening up the pathway to assault.

Something has got to be done!

School districts should not have the right to force teachers to adhere to such blatant violations of personal privacy – WHILE shielding parents and other students in the dark.

The only way to stop this from happening is for more teachers to take a stand and say “no”.

And then, to blow the whistle.

Can you imagine how many teachers undergo these policies without saying a word, for fear of losing their job?

It’s a scary thought.

Cheers to Robert for taking a stand.

Let’s pray more teachers follow in his footsteps.

What are your thoughts on the school forcing a male teacher to watch a female “transgender” student undress in the locker room?

Do you agree with the school’s decision to fire Robert for “not doing his job”?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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