Leftist School District Tells Parents To Stop Teaching Their Own Children

Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash


As school starts back up – parents and students everywhere are feeling the chaos of the unknown.

Students are thrust into a social experiment of “virtual” learning and “hybrid” school weeks – and parents are left to clean up the mess.

Naturally, parents want to make sure their children stay atop of their studies – which is why when one local school district actually warned parents to stop teaching their own children – outrage endured.

To start with, teachers have no authority over what parents do with their children in their own homes!

Many moms have long provided supplemental learning experiences for their children – from homeschool summer lessons to reading programs and even extra tutoring.

Parents have every right to be part of and direct their child’s learning experience.

But leftist teachers are having an absolute meltdown at the thought that some of the children may become “too smart” for their class or that since everyone can’t afford tutoring, no child should have tutoring.

Fairfax County Public Schools are located just outside of DC and are known for their extreme liberal views.

The leftist school board celebrated the LGBT agenda by voting for “pride month” and they’ve already approved an LGBT “friendly” curriculum.

And when COVID-19 hit, they took extreme action shutting down in person activities.

Here’s the real kicker – Fairfax County Schools aren’t even allowing students to resume school in person this fall – it’s shifting to full-time virtual learning.

So while the school district is literally prohibiting children from coming to school to learn – they are at the same time discouraging parents from having their children seek additional tutoring.

Complete madness!

In a memo, Fairfax County Public Schools defended their decision, claiming while they can’t “control” what parents do, they can discourage it.

The Federalist reported:

“While [the Fairfax County Public School system] doesn’t and can’t control these private tutoring groups, we do have concerns that they may widen the gap in educational access and equity for all students,” said a memo from one of the nation’s largest school systems on Friday. Many parents are working together to hire private tutors to teach their children in small groups at home.”

What are parents supposed to do?

Stop letting their children learn because a school district refuses to resume in person learning?

And since the schools aren’t getting involved in tutoring or helping struggling students – of course parents who actually care about their child’s education are going to turn to alternate ways to help their child.

If anything, parents should be encouraged to help fill the gap that teachers can’t provide during this time.

Instead of being shunned and looked down upon, schools should do more to give parents the freedom to be involved in their child’s education.

And yet again, children who simply are trying to go to school and learn are thrown into the middle of yet another controversy.

Let’s hope parents in this school district remain strong!

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