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Science Has Found Which Parenting Tools Lead To Success In Children

  There is so much information out there on how to be a good parent. The problem is, not all the information is the same. So you may be trying to follow one blog’s advice on a reward system, while simultaneously trying to limit toys and screens (i.e. rewards). In […]

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Leftist School District Tells Parents To Stop Teaching Their Own Children

  As school starts back up – parents and students everywhere are feeling the chaos of the unknown. Students are thrust into a social experiment of “virtual” learning and “hybrid” school weeks – and parents are left to clean up the mess. Naturally, parents want to make sure their children […]

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One State Sets a Precedent to Help Children of Military Families Succeed in School

  Most parents have spent the last weeks of summer concerned over the “ifs” and “hows” schools will be reopening as we continue to deal with our nation’s health crisis. Many classes are beginning virtually this fall, and parents are scrambling to figure out this extended period of at-home learning. […]

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Rushing Into Academics Isn’t What Your Child Needs For Success

  We all want to see our children not just make it through life, but thrive. Somewhere along the lines society has taught us that in order for this to happen we have to sign our kids up for every possible group possible- creative dance class, math club, soccer, and […]

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The Left Is In a Panic As Parents Take Back Control of Their Children’s Education

  Today’s parents are facing an uphill battle – the erosion of values within our society and an attack on parental rights as progressives work to groom our children to suit their agenda. This is perhaps most evident in the education system, as children face the threat of indoctrination, insufficient […]

How To Help Your Little Ones Stay Focused

How To Help Your Little Ones Stay Focused

  Many children struggle with the ability to remain focused on a given task – leaving parents frustrated and unsure what to do. In fact, when a child is told to “do their homework” with no other guidelines – many moms become discouraged when they check on their child and […]

3 Ways To Help Your Child Embrace The Gift Of Failure

3 Ways To Help Your Child Embrace The Gift Of Failure

  Success is often celebrated among families – whether it’s winning a championship game or scoring good grades in school. But society has long preached failure is a bad thing, claiming losing means somehow one isn’t “good enough” or “acceptable.” The truth is, failure can be a gift and can […]

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If You Have Trouble Understanding Your Child – Learn To Think Like Them

  Maybe you’ve never been able to quite grasp why your child does things a certain way. Or perhaps they always seem to have a meltdown in certain situations, or refuse to follow your instructions. If you’re having trouble understanding the behavior of your child, the best thing you can […]

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Are Your Child’s Demands Driving You Crazy?  American Parents Can Learn From the Approach of Other Cultures

  Are you going crazy trying to entertain your children while trying to complete work or other tasks at home? Do you feel like your child’s personal assistant — or servant — because they don’t seem to ever be able to occupy themselves without your involvement? Well, you’re far from […]

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Chore Ideas To Help Teach Toddlers Responsibility

  If you’re the mother of a toddler – it can seem impossible to imagine having your child do chores. Especially since you most likely spend a bulk of your time just trying to get them fed, dressed, and well-cared for – without massive temper tantrums and meltdowns. But the […]