The Left Is In a Panic As Parents Take Back Control of Their Children’s Education

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash


Today’s parents are facing an uphill battle – the erosion of values within our society and an attack on parental rights as progressives work to groom our children to suit their agenda.

This is perhaps most evident in the education system, as children face the threat of indoctrination, insufficient academic attention, and the lack of choices for parents.

But the tide may be turning as parents get fed up, and news from our neighbor to the north may offer a ray of hope.

Both in the U.S. and Canada, socialist policies have been rearing their ugly head.

Private Christian schools are under attack as they fight to preserve traditional values.

Many are being taken to court for refusing to incorporate LGBT+ curricula or set up classes and clubs focusing on this agenda under “anti-bullying” regulations.

While many parents here in the U.S. continue to choose private education or homeschooling to maintain their rights and preserve their values, these forms of education have always come under fire at the hands of progressives…

…even as millions of children continue to be homeschooled with success due to a global pandemic.

In Alberta, Canada, 93 percent of children are enrolled in the public education system that has been further and further encroached upon by radical, progressive legislation.

Alberta parents have had enough, and Christian families and organizations rallied together to mobilize support for a new Premier in the fight to stop the NDP’s (New Democratic Party) influence in the department of education.

Jason Kenney of the UCP (United Conservative Party) won election over NDP candidate Rachel Notley, and worked with colleagues and Minister of Education Adriana LaGrange to introduce Bill 15  for “Choice in Education.”

Jonathan Van Meren reported on the progress for LifeSite News, wherein Kenny stated the bill intends to preserve and protect parental rights in education choices, “Because we believe that parents know better than politicians or bureaucrats about what’s in the best interests of their kids.”

Under previous leadership by the NDP’s Education Minister, religious schools were being threatened with closure for not supporting LGBT+ and radical sexual education curricula.

More than twenty religious-based schools had been on the chopping block.

Bill 15, however, would give more broad rights to homeschooling families and protect religious charter schools.

The bill would also add language to education statutes to legally state that parents – not the government – are the authority in making education decisions for their children.

This language is taken from Canada’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and would form another layer of protection for Alberta’s parents by stating it is a parent’s “human right” to decide what is best for their child.

It would also allow for more parental choice and input within public schools and offer resources for religious education organizations and schools, early childhood education programs, and home education.

The UCP’s fulfillment of these election promises was welcome news to Alberta’s families, but in typical fashion, others are already on the warpath.

One NDP official, Gil McGowan, took to Twitter in a violent rant against conservatives and faith-based education.

He said, in part, that Bill 15, “paves the way for nutbar religious charter schools & homeschooling that doesn’t follow the curriculum. They’re trying to create an army of brainwashed right-wing warriors,” according to Van Meren.

He went further to declare his opposition to “nutbar religious” schools and homeschoolers by warning taxpayers that their tax dollars would support the “crazy, right-wing” religious schools.

Both in the U.S. and Canada, the Left cannot tolerate it when anyone fights back against their agenda of destroying faith and traditional values in society.

Parents in Alberta are taking back control, and the progressives don’t like it at all.

But it’s a move whose time has come, and a shining example of just how many families all over the world have had enough of the brainwashing, indoctrination, and eradication of what’s most important to us – our children and our faith.