Servers And Retail Workers Are Feeling The Brunt Of The Mask Backlash

Photo by Bimo Luki on Unsplash


Many Americans are growing tired of being forced to wear a mask just to enter a restaurant or store – and their resentment is starting to show.

Sadly, instead of channeling their anger to local and state politicians who are making the “new rules” – they are taking out their frustration on the workers on the front lines.

But many of these workers make minimum wage or rely on tips and are being crushed by the effect of angry and fed up customers.

Most restaurants have finally opened up their doors for dine-in – but they require patrons to wear a mask to enter.

Typically, once you’re seated you are able to take off your mask and breathe – but remember servers can’t – they have to wear their mask the entire duration of their shift – to serve you.

Imagine how difficult it must be to wear a mask as a server!

Waiting tables is already often a thankless job – as servers bust their tails running hot food to tables, refilling drinks, bussing tables, and dealing with complaints.

Doing all of that IN A MASK seems almost unbearable – and it’s likely difficult for them to breathe.

And just like everyone else – many of them are already financially strapped – having their shifts cut while restaurants were closed during the spring months.

To make matters worse, many servers are still barely able to make ends meet with restaurants still not operating at full dining capacity.

Their shifts are cut.

They have less customers to serve.

And many of the customers they do get end up taking out their own personal frustrations on them.

One guy actually had the audacity to tip his server 5 cents on a $40 dollar bill, simply because he was angry he had to wear a mask to enter the restaurant.We get it man – you’re upset – but don’t take it out on your server like they have any control of the mask mandates!

It is a difficult time for everyone right now, and each family is suffering in their own way.

From anxiety about going back to school to the stress of having to adjust to a new schedule – everyone is feeling it.

It’s nice to be able to dine out in restaurants again – but let’s give our servers some grace – and tip them well!

Regardless if you are pro or anti mask – it isn’t up to them – they are simply following instructions from their supervisors and trying to make a decent living.

The same with retail workers.

Sadly, it’s many of the minimum wage workers that are being tasked to “police the public” when they enter and try and enforce the mask mandate.

Yelling at a 19-year old kid for doing his job isn’t going to solve anything.

If you are unhappy with how local mandates are affecting your family – take it to your politicians – or make sure to get involved in your community so you feel as if you have a voice.

Let’s all try and show compassion to one another – everyone is doing the best they can.

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