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Airline Kicks A Pregnant Woman, Her Toddler, And Child With Special Needs Off The Plane  

  Ari and Avital Eisenberg were traveling with their two children – and never dreamed they’d be kicked off their flight. But when a ruthless flight attendant attempted to bully this sweet family – the entire family was humiliated and forced to deboard. And once you hear the reason why […]

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Airline Boots Mother And Her Six Kids Off The Plane Because 2-Year Old Wouldn’t Wear A Mask

  A mom and her six kids were on an airplane set to take off – when airline officials did the unthinkable. Before takeoff, the little 2-year old toddler struggled to keep her mask on, and kept pulling it down bellow her pacifier. As a result, the mom and her […]

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Servers And Retail Workers Are Feeling The Brunt Of The Mask Backlash

  Many Americans are growing tired of being forced to wear a mask just to enter a restaurant or store – and their resentment is starting to show. Sadly, instead of channeling their anger to local and state politicians who are making the “new rules” – they are taking out […]