Airline Boots Mother And Her Six Kids Off The Plane Because 2-Year Old Wouldn’t Wear A Mask

Photo by Tomás Del Coro on WikiMedia Commons


A mom and her six kids were on an airplane set to take off – when airline officials did the unthinkable.

Before takeoff, the little 2-year old toddler struggled to keep her mask on, and kept pulling it down bellow her pacifier.

As a result, the mom and her 6 kids were booted off the plane, and left stranded at the airport for hours.

Really, you can’t make this up.

Even though small children are exempt from the mask policy, thuggish airlines are using their authority to terrorize passengers – even a mom and her six children.

The mask mandate is controversial, to say the least.

Adults can barely keep their masks on – yet airlines expect a TODDLER to keep a mask on during the entire flight!

Give me a break.

Every mom who has flown with a little one knows how hard it is to keep them calm and entertained during a flight.

Imagine trying to convince a toddler they must cut off their breathing and wear an uncomfortable mask over their face for hours while in the air?

Yeah good luck with that.

Naturally, at all the commotion the children became frightened and started crying.

They were buckled and ready to fly – so OF COURSE it’s confusing when airline officials are being rude to mom and making everyone get off the plane.

It’s traumatizing.

Seeing how the mom was treated, airline passengers had her back and came to her defense – but JetBlue didn’t seem to care.

Since the little toddler couldn’t keep her mask on – they had the audacity to throw every single passenger off the plane and deboard the entire flight.

Fox News reported:

“The rest of the passengers were supporting me and told me not to get off the plane,” Bruck said. “So I said, ‘I am not leaving, I need to get home, I paid for these flights.’”

“They [crew members] said, ‘If you don’t get off the plane now, we are going to have to disembark all the passengers,’ and then the passengers were yelling and screaming at the crew members, [saying,] ‘This is ridiculous, she is alone with six kids,’ … [The flight attendants] didn’t care.”

But wait, it gets worse.

Not only did JetBlue toss this mom and her kids off the plane – they left her stranded. They didn’t help her book another flight, she was completely on her own.

Sadly, during all the commotion, the mom left her kosher food on the plane, and since the airport didn’t have any kosher food, the mom and were children were forced to stay hungry for hours…

… all because a two-year old toddler wouldn’t wear a mask!

JetBlue should absolutely be ashamed of themselves for how they treated this mom and her children.

No human, and especially not a mom and her SIX KIDS deserve to be terrorized for simply boarding a plane.

God help us all.

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