Moms Fight Back Against CDC Guidelines And File In Record Numbers To Homeschool Their Kids

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As the CDC continues to “recommend” guidelines for schools such as forcing children to wear masks and avoid playing with their friends, moms are fighting back with a vengeance.

Refusing to bow down to the CDC and submit their children to a new set of ridiculous rules, moms are filing their intent to homeschool their kids in record numbers.

In fact, in North Carolina so many moms were filing online expressing their plans to homeschool the government website ended up crashing.

As moms went to file, the system stated:

“The system is not currently available due to an overwhelming submission of Notices of Intent (NOI). It will be back online as soon as possible.

We apologize for any inconvenience as we work to process NOIs as quickly as possible.”


Must be a lot of mamas out there jumping on the homeschool train!

But what is causing moms to yank their children out of public schools?

The CDC’s quest to turn schools into prisons.

Every mother knows her child needs space to play and have fun.

But the CDC recommends closing down playgrounds and taking away any form of group recreational play.

If it’s up to the CDC, kids won’t even be able to eat lunch with their friends in the cafeteria, and instead must eat at their desks alone.

And of course, the mask mandate is turning off most parents.

Many parents shutter at the idea of having their 6-year old wear a mask all day while at school while being blasted with “safety guidelines” as they are trying to learn.

Not to mention, schools all over the country disagree on the best path forward.

Some are moving towards virtual learning, others are toying with the idea of splitting classrooms in half and having children attend different days in the week.

Regardless, it’s complete chaos, and many moms have made the decision to not sit around and wait to see what happens in the fall.

Since parents are in charge of their own children, one would think moms should have the right to homeschool their own children.

They should be able to pull their children out of public school without any issues, right?

Not exactly.

In some states, schools are making it difficult for moms to take their children out of public schools.

Since public schools are typically funded based on the number of children enrolled, many public schools are fearful of losing money so they are doing everything they can to hold on to children.

Other leftist educators have tried to install doubt in parents by insulting moms claiming they aren’t “smart enough” to teach their own children.

Despite the pushback, moms are moving forward and many moms plan to try out homeschooling in the fall for their families.

The attack on moms who want to homeschool their children needs to stop.

Not only are moms more than capable of teaching their own children, they have every right to do so.

If the CDC thinks they can force their guidelines onto every family in America, they’re dead wrong.

One can expect to see low attendance in schools this fall, and Mommy Underground will continue to report on the issue and keep you updated on the latest news.

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