Leftist Educator Disses Homeschooling Moms And Claims They Are Inadequate To Teach Kids

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Given the current environment in schools, more and more moms are choosing to homeschool their children, and rightfully so.

From leftist teachers who brainwash children to embrace the LGBT lifestyle to ridiculous CDC guidelines which have now turned schools into prisons, concerned moms don’t want their children anywhere near a public school.

Knowing moms are pulling their children out of the public school system at lightning speed, leftist educators are having a full-blown meltdown, and you won’t believe the latest accusations they’re throwing at homeschooling moms.

In the highest form of arrogance, a leftist educator insulted moms across America and actually had the audacity to claim they were “inadequate” to teach their own children.


But she didn’t stop there.

She continued on in her rant and claimed children have a “right” to be exposed to values that are different from theirs.

Otherwise translated to mean – values which oppose traditional family values and promote a perverse way of life.

It’s clear liberals can’t stand the fact they’d lose the ability to indoctrinate innocent children.

After all, they’re entire strategy of uprooting traditional family values is hedged upon by their ability to control children at a young age and poison their mind with leftist propaganda.

Even more insulting, this out of touch leftist educator actually threatened children wouldn’t be able to find future employment if they were homeschooled by their parents.

LifeSite News reported:

“Apart from child abuse going undetected, the professor also feared that some parents “are going to be absolutely inadequate to provide the fundamentals of, you know, education that I think almost everybody in America would agree kids need to have, certain skills to give them various employment and other choices in the future.”

From drag queens reading to children to “transition” ceremonies in schools – these are the exact things many moms don’t want their children exposed to.

And her claim that moms are inadequate to teach is dead wrong – as who knows a child’s strengths and weaknesses better than a mother?

Many moms who homeschool their children incorporate different types of learning and activities to keep their children engaged while learning at the same time.

In fact, experts find children who are homeschooled are not at a disadvantage, but just the opposite

And instead of forcing children to sit through a boring curriculum, homeschooling moms have learned to adapt their teaching to make sure their children are learning, and having fun too.

The latest rant is just another attack on conservatives, trying to paint the narrative that homeschooling moms are too dumb to teach.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo agreed and tweeted:

“This ivory-tower screed attacking parents who choose to dedicate their lives to educating their own children, often at significant financial sacrifice, is a reminder that we must all work together to protect civilization’s most successful institution: our families.”

Preach it.

Homeschooling moms are more than capable of teaching their children.

And given the latest CDC guidelines, one can expect to see even more children yanked out of the school system and taught at home.

To all the homeschooling mamas out there – you rock!

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