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Leftist Educator Disses Homeschooling Moms And Claims They Are Inadequate To Teach Kids

  Given the current environment in schools, more and more moms are choosing to homeschool their children, and rightfully so. From leftist teachers who brainwash children to embrace the LGBT lifestyle to ridiculous CDC guidelines which have now turned schools into prisons, concerned moms don’t want their children anywhere near […]
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Waking Up Early Used To Be Terrible–Until You Did This

  I have heard it said, “I am a morning person.” Waking up before the sun rises, bright and chipper; ready to start the day. That person is not me. However, I have found certain benefits to rising with the roosters that have given me cause to leave the warm […]
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Finally A Campaign To Combat The Anti-Homeschoolers At Harvard

  Homeschooling is typically a class all on its own – that is until 55 million students became homeschooled virtually overnight. Ironically, during this time Harvard Magazine decided to state their very bias opinion against homeschooling. And just when we thought Harvard had been completely lost to the blind rage […]
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This Elite Institution Thinks It’s Dangerous for Parents to Educate Their Own Children

  While many families have been recently thrust into homeschooling due to a global health crisis, others have known the joys of homeschooling for years. While the preservation of traditional family values is a major factor in the decision to homeschool, it is far from the only one, and it […]
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5 Effective Ways To Motivate Your Child To Do Their School Work

  We thought doing homework was difficult before, but during the coronavirus things have become exponentially more difficult. With limited outlets for our children and a whole new school routine that involves mom telling them one more thing to do, getting our children to care about completing a math assignment […]
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8-year-old Boy Reveals The Secret To Every Mom Trying Their Hand At Quarantine School

  We are beginning to see some new memes and anecdotal stories pop up on our social media feeds. They are concerning the ups and downs of continuing education at home after children all across the nation are forced to stay home during the coronavirus pandemic. One mom who is […]
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Suddenly Thrust Into Homeschooling and Feel Lost?  We’ve Got Some Tips to Ease the Transition

  Families all over the country are finding themselves impacted in ways they never imagined by the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to keeping everyone safe, healthy, and sane while being more isolated than ever, some parents are finding themselves filling a different kind of role – that of teacher. For […]
Easy Guide For Temporarily Homeschooling Your Kids During Coronavirus Pandemic

Easy Guide For Temporarily Homeschooling Your Kids During Coronavirus Pandemic

  Navigating the minutiae of a global pandemic is overwhelming for every American. Whether it is trying to oversee organizations made to deal with catastrophic events or a mom left juggling three school age children home from school while she still has to work, dealing with abrupt shifts in responsibility […]
One Family’s Nightmare Continues – But There Is Hope On The Horizon

One Family’s Nightmare Continues – But There Is Hope On The Horizon

Every day in America, innocent parents are scrutinized by doctors and government bureaucrats. Parents who homeschool, question their child’s doctor, or opt-out of progressive curriculum in our schools are all under the microscope. Perhaps no case of this persecution has been more severe than what one Texas family has been […]