CDC’s Ridiculous Guidelines For Reopening Schools Turn Classrooms Into Prisons

Photo by Jerry Wang on Unsplash


As the CDC released its “suggested guidelines” for schools to reopen, many moms were outraged at what was expected of their children.

From canceled extracurricular activities to forcing children to eat their lunch at their desk while maintaining a “safe” social distance from their friends– the new guidelines are turning schools into prisons.

In addition to all they are taking away from children, the CDC recommends daily “health screenings” for children and staff, and of course recommends children wear masks if they are over the age of 2.


A Snapshot Of CDC Recommendations

The CDC has a long list of items for schools to follow – like using physical barriers such as sneeze guards to create distance and forcing children to be at least 6 ft apart.

And while children have energy and need to get it out, the CDC thinks schools should close playgrounds, dining halls, and all communal spaces.

One-way lines down hallways and regular COVID-19 announcements over the PA are expected to be the new norm, along with signs placed all around the school bombarding children with all the new rules they must follow.

Instead of field trips where children have the chance to learn and explore, it is recommended children partake in “virtual” field trips – as if sitting behind a screen produces the same experience.


State To State Variations

Restrictions in each state vary, but the truth is many school officials don’t even know if or when schools will open.

Chicago schools discussed the possibility of staggering students to attend school on certain days.

Others have hinted at distant learning – but there hasn’t been a firm decision.

Parents are left trying to keep up with the latest guidelines and figure out what it means for their families – like the possibility of their children being forced to wear masks the entire school day.

The Chicago Tribune reported:

“Meredith Kroot said she’s been keeping up with the guidance and preparing her fourth and sixth grade children for the possibilities, such as alternating classes at school with remote learning days.

While the family in Chicago’s North Center neighborhood has been wearing masks on short adventures outside, it’s another thing for the children to cover their faces for the entire day, she said.

“I think it’s not going to fully hit they might be at school or sit in a classroom or talk to their friends with a mask on all the time,” Kroot said. “We are all getting used to it.”

In Virginia, the “return to school plan” is set in phases, with phase 1 stating no more than 10 students are allowed in a classroom at any given time and communal spaces are closed.

Students will be “encouraged” to wear face coverings and daily health screenings will take place.


Many Parents Will Opt Out

It’s likely many parents will jump on the homeschooling train instead of forcing their children to be guinea pigs in a CDC safety experiment.

Banning recess for kids isn’t keeping anyone safe.

Forcing children to sit isolated surrounded by plastic sheets in a face mask is not exactly a healthy environment for them to learn – not to mention the emotional trauma it produces.

Children need to know dangers exist, but they shouldn’t be conditioned to live in fear.

Time will tell how schools around the nation respond to the recommended CDC guidelines, but one can expect to see a dramatic increase in homeschooling across the country.

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