Distance Learning Is Causing Kids All Over America To Fail – Especially Those With Disabilities

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As children and parents wrap up a weary and frustrating year of distance learning – many families are shocked at just how far their kids are behind in their studies.

All along, conservative parents warned of the drastic consequences of isolating a child from their peers and forcing them to learn solely behind a computer screen.

And now that the numbers are rolling in – a shocking number of students all around the country are actually failing out of school – and you won’t believe how many.

Even more tragic, students with disabilities are suffering even more – and receiving failing grades at an alarming rate.

Elizabeth Johnston reported:

“A study that analyzed grades in one of the largest school districts in the state shows that students receiving “F” grades increased by 83% as schools grappled with limitations to in-person learning.

Students with disabilities suffered the most, receiving “F” grades at 111%.

“Among middle and high schools students, there was an 83 percent increase in the number of students receiving two or more F marks,” the Office of Research and Strategic Improvement study on Fairfax, Virginia schools, where 186,000 students are enrolled, revealed.”

These results point to a massive problem that is only bound to get worse as the schoolyear continues.

To start, children are not designed to sit in front of a computer for hours and hours to learn.

They are meant to physically interact with their peers and participate in hands-on learning activities – not to mention play with their friends!

But even those schools that are meeting in person are making children suffer the unthinkable – like eating their lunch alone at their desk and canceling all forms of extracurricular activities.

Not to mention – teachers are getting burned out – and many parents who have to work (and may be technologically challenged) can’t keep up with the online workload.

And while many parents have already pulled their children out of the school system and began a homeschooling program, so many children are still stuck in the system.

The rapid change and instability hits children with special needs the hardest.

Those with special needs depend on routine and consistency – two major things that are lacking right now.

And many children with special needs can’t wear a mask – but are told they must wear one in order to come to school.

Who could forget the story of the sweet little boy with special needs who was kicked off the school bus for not wearing a mask!?

And even those children who do wear masks to meet in person must bow down to the liberal agenda – or get in trouble like the little girl who wore her Jesus mask.

It doesn’t look like virtual learning is going away anytime soon – and it’s likely more children will fail and fall behind on their studies.

Instead of realizing the problem, some schools are adjusting their grading system to “lower grades” to prevent kids from failing.

But this just puts a band aid over a tsunami of a problem – and we’ll likely see the full devastating results of virtual learning in the months and years to come.

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