Child With Special Needs Booted Off His School Bus For Not Wearing A Mask

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The first day of school can be an exciting time for children – but it can also create anxiety – especially for children with special needs.

One family set their child up for success and contacted the school district ahead of time, letting them know their child had autism and had a difficult time keeping on his mask.

The school district granted permission to exempt the little boy from wearing a mask as he boarded his school bus – but when the bus driver failed to get the memo, all chaos broke loose.

5-year old Jack was already nervous about going to school and riding on the bus.

His parents spent time calming his nerves and helping him to become less anxious.

But as the first day of school arrived when little Jack’s dad walked him to the bus – he was stunned to learn the driver refused to let him on, without a mask.

A major scene evolved, with the bus driver calling the district, who also stated the little boy couldn’t board the bus.

The father pleaded with the driver – insisting he already had permission, but the bus driver refused to budge.

As a result, little Jack did not get on the bus and ran off – his parents assumed to their home as his dad was going to drive him to school.

But it turns out he was so upset by what happened – he actually ran away – thankfully he was found a few moments later by a 14-year old girl on her way to school.

Children with special needs are facing the brunt of discrimination during this mask mandate.

Although the American Disabilities Act protects them, and allows for reasonable requests, out-of-control school tyrants don’t care.

They are obsessed with forcing children to suffocate with masks – even at the expense of their emotional well-being.

When it was time to board the bus the next day, naturally Jack didn’t want to, as he was still shaken up by what happened before.

Jack’s mom shared how hard it is to submit to all the “mandates” forced upon their family – and reiterated her son just wanted to be included in normal family traditions like celebrating the first day of school.

AZ Central reported:

“It’s so upsetting because people keep saying, ‘We’re all in this together,’ they keep saying this is hard for us all, but they don’t understand that we are living in completely different worlds going through this,” she said…

“I’m worried about him ever feeling like he gets to belong,” she said. “… He just want s to be involved, he wants to be included, and now his very first experience with the first day of school, he’s been shown in a very dramatic fashion that no, you don’t get to be like everybody else, you don’t get to be included.”

Of course, the school district later apologized to the family for the confusion, but the damage was already done.

The legalistic approach to wearing a mask is terrorizing families across America.

Let’s pray officials get their act together soon – before children suffer even more trauma.

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