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Mother Tased And Arrested Because She Refused To Wear A Mask Outdoors

  A young mom wanted to watch her young son play football and never dreamed her afternoon would end with her in handcuffs. While sitting outside on the bleachers with her mother enjoying the fresh air, this mom was approached by an officer for not wearing a mask. The events […]

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Hypocrite: Nancy Pelosi Forces Salon Open With No Mask To Get A Haircut

  We are used to the hypocrisy of the left – like claiming support of women and then killing millions of them in the womb. But this time one representative took it too far by showcasing her true colors. Now how is the nation going to respond to a liberal […]

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Child With Special Needs Booted Of His School Bus For Not Wearing A Mask

  The first day of school can be an exciting time for children – but it can also create anxiety – especially for children with special needs. One family set their child up for success and contacted the school district ahead of time, letting them know their child had autism […]