School Calls the Police on 4-Year-Old Child for Not Wearing a Mask

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Just as Americans thought we could all – literally – breathe a sigh of relief – some school districts are still caught up in COVID-19 mania and just won’t let it go.

The most recent abuse of power involves a little 4-year-old boy who was having trouble keeping his mask on.

But instead of extending grace, the school called the police on him – and just wait until you hear the insane details.

Our police are tasked with keeping local communities safe from drunk drivers, human traffickers, thieves, and others who wish to harm innocent people.

But according to one school – a 4-year-old boy is also one of the bad guys… 

… because he couldn’t keep his mask perfectly on his face.

This latest incident took place in California – not surprising as they were some of the worst haters of freedom during the height of the pandemic.

When a father named Shawn went to drop off his 4-year-old for preschool – Principal Michelle Williams became hysterical and said while the little child is “welcome” – he can’t come in without a mask.

Thankfully, Shawn was recording the entire situation with his phone. 

The video showed the boy happily running around – and the principal cracking down and repeatedly telling the father the child must wear a mask because the school district’s policy “hasn’t changed” … and threatening to call the police if they didn’t comply.

The Daily Mail reported:

“Shawn, still recording, notes: ‘They called a police officer to remove a four-year-old from campus.’

The officer tells Shawn that he is simply there to enforce the rules as they stand.

I can’t say what they are doing is wrong; I can’t say what you are doing is wrong. Both sides have valid points,’ the officer says.

‘For me, I just have to ensure on the campus as a whole that kids get their education.’”


This poor child.

Schools have exploited children during the pandemic faux outrage in order to exercise control.

Pictures have surfaced of kids eating lunch outside in the freezing cold, sitting on buckets.

One child was even placed in an outdoor shed and developed hypothermia because his teachers suspected he had COVID-19 (he ended up not testing positive).

And let’s not forget the teacher who punished a child because his mask wouldn’t stay up – so she taped it to his face! 

The innocence of our most young has been stolen by a government with too much power.

And this latest incident in California shows it is still happening.

If there is any silver lining in this situation, after the clip went viral the school district “revisited their mask policy” – and now students are no longer required to wear masks.

But what a shame that it took the police being called on a 4-year-old for the school district to wake up!

Take a moment and watch the clip yourself of police being called on a 4-year-old child – over a mask!

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