School Places 4-Year-Old Boy In Outdoor Shed Due To COVID-19 Fear And He Got Hypothermia

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4-year-old Mason became sick at school with a runny nose and mild cough – but instead of showing compassion to the child – the school did the unthinkable.

They called his mom to pick him up…. because they were “scared” he had COVID-19 – but instead of having him wait in a separate indoor area as a precaution – they isolated him in an outdoor shed!

As it turns out, the boy ended up only having a cough – but because he was forced to wait outside in the cold shed for his mother, he ended up developing hypothermia – and just wait until you hear how the school responded.

Can you imagine the horror this mother faced as she pulled up to school to pick up her child and then suddenly learned paranoid teachers placed him outside in the cold!

Truly unthinkable.

And cruel.

This living nightmare was one mother’s reality.

When the school called Mason’s mother Wilby to pick up her son – they failed to mention they were detaining him in an outdoor shed.

LifeSite News reported:

“When she arrived, Wilby found her four-year-old with “hands red raw, eyes watering like mad, snotty nose down his face.”

“He couldn’t talk” and was “shivering like mad,” she said. “They even made him eat his lunch outside, no toys, no games, nothing.”

Wilby was instructed to call an ambulance after taking Mason to a doctor, as he had developed hypothermia.”


One can’t even imagine how scared this poor boy was – already not feeling well – and then being punished for a slight cold and contained in an outdoor shed – which made him even sicker!

Even more horrifying, some adults actually STILL defended the school’s decision to move the 4-year-old boy to an outdoor shed – essentially claiming the greater good of the students was most important and if a child is suspected to have COVID-19 this is the proper protocol.

Adults are using their “fear” of contracting COVID-19 as an excuse to enact harmful policies onto our children.

In Oregon, a disturbing photo circulated of kindergartners eating lunch outside… sitting on buckets socially distanced from each other.

Naturally, upon learning their children were forced to eat lunch outside in 40-degree weather – many outraged parents began speaking out – and fighting back.

The Post Millennial reported:

“One of the students’ parents at Capitol Hill Elementary School told The Post Millennial that forcing their children to eat outside was their “final straw” with Portland Public Schools.

“As a parent of a student at Capitol Hill Elementary, this policy is abhorrent,” the parent told The Post Millennial.

“I am beyond furious, especially knowing children are low-risk,” they continued.”

It will truly take years for many of these children to heal from the trauma caused by adults.

Little kids are naturally social creatures – they want to play outside – hug their friends – eat lunch in a cafeteria where it’s warm…

… not be forced to sit outside like prisoners and eat lunch on a bucket.

But yet again, instead of apologizing for the horrific way these children were treated, Regional Superintendent for Portland Public Schools Esther Omogbehin defended the school.

Newsweek reported:

“We recognize that parents are concerned about the safety and well-being of their children,” Omogbehin said. “We also know that our principals are making hard decisions every day to balance the well-being of students and the safety of students and staff.

Our Meal Services protocols specified that eating lunch outside would allow for greater social distancing. This was a key part of our layered COVID-19 safety measures to protect our students and each school was responsible for implementing those measures.”

It’s no wonder so many parents are yanking their students out of public schools and choosing to homeschool them instead!

Our precious children deserve so much better than how they are being treated, and our hearts truly ache for them.

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