Outrageous! Christian Preschool Shut Down Over Mask Mandate

Photo by BBC Creative on Unsplash.com


Thanks to the California Department of Social Services, children are no longer able to attend Foothills Christian Church Preschool.

The State brutally forced the beloved preschool to close their doors – claiming they violated a “mask mandate.”

And once you hear the blatant discrimination and attack on this Christian preschool – you’re bound to be outraged.

Yes, we’ve truly reached a day in our nation where preschoolers can no longer hear about God and play with their friends because government authorities claim they are a danger to society.

But what makes these preschoolers so “dangerous”?

According to California authorities – a 2-year-old not able to keep her mask on is simply unacceptable and warrants an entire preschool closing down.

For months, bureaucrats visited this preschool just looking for any type of violation (excuse) to close their doors.

Preschool Director Tiffany McHugh claimed they were doing their best to follow the mask mandate, but a lot of parents resisted the mandate, naturally not wanting their child in a mask during preschool for an entire day.

But California authorities decided her efforts simply weren’t good enough.

So, in addition to closing her pre-school and displacing 100 children – they penalized McHugh for her noncompliance and suspended her from working in childcare for the rest of her career, reported CBS8 News.

Absolute insanity!

A woman’s career is ruined by California thugs who are on a social justice crusade to force their mandates onto not only adults, but children.

It’s clear, this preschool was targeted.

David Hoffman, senior pastor at Foothills Christian Church seemed to agree.

National Review reported:

“They targeted us,” he declared. “Just in the last few months, they visited this pre-school eleven times. Nine times from nine o-clock in the morning to 6:30 at night looking at two file drawers over and over and over again trying desperately to find some violation that they can shut us down with.”

Hoffman said that preschool enrollment was booming just before the state first showed up in September. “We were in the process of expanding to have another 50 or so preschoolers here,” he said, adding that he believes their success was the impetus for the crackdown.

“Have you ever tried to put a mask on a two-year-old? I mean, c’mon!,” he said.

And he’s exactly right!

Forcing little kids – especially as young as TWO YEARS OLD to keep a mask on an entire day is not only unrealistic, it’s cruel.

Children need to interact with each other – smile – laugh – play – have fun.

They are kids.

But the truth is – even though several studies show masks don’t stop the spread of COVID-19 – politicians love control – and they’ll use any “pandemic” as an excuse to execute their power.

Not to mention, bureaucrats are laser-focused and utterly obsessed with trying to trample parental rights.

Even in the travel industry, parents are being punished and kicked off planes because a 2-year-old can’t keep a mask on!

Of COURSE a toddler isn’t able to keep a mask on – they are 2-years old.

Not only is it tough for a toddler to keep a mask on – but it’s dangerous.

But bureaucrats don’t want parents making decisions for their own families.

They want to call the shots.

Shame on every adult who forces a child to wear a mask.

When the COVID-19 mayhem passes – history will remember what side each of us was on in the battle.

And it will not speak kindly of those who forced children to isolate from their friends and wear masks – nor will it support bureaucrats who used their power to shut down businesses.

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