This Mother Was Arrested At A School Board Meeting And She’s Fighting Back With A Lawsuit

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Shannon Joy attended a school board meeting – and briefly lowered her mask to pop in a piece of gum.

But because she lowered her mask – the school board decided to call 911 and arrest her – claiming she violated their “mask mandate.”

And once you hear what happened to Shannon – you’re bound to be outraged.

Local authorities arrived and not only arrested her – but they cuffed this poor mother and charged her with “trespassing.”

Absolute insanity!

Shannon claims she was targeted by the school board due to her past conservative activism.

The judge ended up dismissing her trespassing case – and since then Shannon has filed federal suit so another parent never has to experience what she went through.

She shared in the humiliating situation she was put into – and of all the division and conflict it caused her in her own community.

The Daily Wire reported:

“It was one of the most uncomfortable situations that I have ever endured,” she said. “And I’m glad that it happened because it exposed what these school boards are capable of.”

“But it was terrifying, humiliating … the conversations I had to have that evening with my kids and my husband, my neighbors — it’s divided a lot of our neighborhood. It’s a difficult battle … but I’m not gonna back down. That’s the thing: what they did was wrong, and this is why we are filing this federal lawsuit.”

As it turns out, leftist school boards continue to target parents all across the country.

In Loudoun County, a father was portrayed in the media as “deranged” and “crazy” for trying to speak up at a school board meeting – but then the truth came out later that his own daughter was sexually assaulted in a school bathroom by a boy in a skirt.

Leftist school board members are used to forcing harmful policies through – and just expecting parents to be silent as their children are put in danger.

And the moment a parent speaks up – or expresses a dissenting opinion she’s labeled as a terrorist.

One school board member was even busted collecting personal information against parents – even having photos of their children on his personal computer!

Conservative parents continue to be labeled as “dangerous” – when THEY are the only ones protecting their children.

But liberals will not stop.

The inflammatory language against parents has been spewed from the highest office in the country – where a witch hunt is being executed against all parents.

President Biden has even demanded investigation by his DOJ of concerned parents to make sure they aren’t a legitimate threat. 

Conservative parents may continue to be targeted – but will no longer remain silent.

Cheers to Shannon Joy for taking her case to the courts.

Let’s hope school boards learn their role – and know they have no right to silence concerned parents – and that if they continue to pass dangerous policies that harm children – parents will always speak out.

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