Dad Reveals His Daughter Was Sexually Assaulted In School Bathroom By A Boy In A Skirt

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School restrooms have become a place of terror – and these days no child is safe.

In a heartbreaking story, one dad revealed how his precious teenage daughter was sexually assaulted in the bathroom during school.

And once you hear who the predator was, and how the school handled it, you’re bound to be outraged.

To start, Mommy Underground has warned for years what would happen should the “transgender” bathroom movement continue to expand.

There have already been cases of sexual predators busted in pro-LGBT stores like Target, and other children narrowly escaping males who’ve entered female restrooms hoping to harm them.

And in schools, kids are scared of “transgender” bathrooms – and have begged adults to stop their radical pro-LGBT agenda before it’s too late.

The fact a child has to attend a school board meeting and plead with adults to keep her safe is appalling, and shows just how bad things have gotten in public schools.

But instead of keeping the safety of students first, leftist educators want to push through their LGBT agenda, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

At a local school in Virginia, a teen girl was sexually assaulted in a girl’s bathroom by a boy who entered wearing a skirt.

As if “wearing a skirt” makes him a girl?

During a school board meeting after the incident, the father confronted the superintendent about what happened to his daughter – but the superintendent denied knowing about any cases of sexual assault, and even had the father arrested when he tried to speak out about the upcoming LGBT mandate headed to his daughter’s school.

Complete madness!

The dad may not have been allowed to share his story during the school board meeting – but once The Daily Wire broke the story and exposed what was happening – it brought national, even worldwide attention.

Of course, the school denies they had any knowledge of this sexual assault and insisted they only learned of it after The Daily Wire reported it.

But then why was the male boy who assaulted the girl removed from the school and placed into another?

As it turns out, the same boy who assaulted the teen girl at one school was allegedly busted sexually assaulting another student in his new school.

But instead of flagging those who “claim” to be a girl and putting them into immediate counseling to deal with their identity crisis, adults encourage such behavior.

And now that teenage boys know they have the greenlight to enter female restrooms – sexual assaults are bound to increase.

Parents need to continue to show up to school meetings and sound the alarm on what is happening.

While the President of the United States might encourage his administration to “investigate them” …

… a parent is doing NOTHING wrong showing up to a school board meeting speaking their mind and demanding answers.

LGBT activists may try and push their narrative – but if they think they are going to silence parents – they are sadly mistaken.

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