It’s Happening – “Transgender” Man Tries To Assault 10-Year-Old Girl In Bathroom Stall

When stores began introducing “transgender” bathrooms and dressing rooms, conservatives warned this was opening up the floodgates for sexual predators to flock to women and children.

And tragically, that’s exactly what happened in one town.

A little 10-year-old girl was using the restroom, when a grown “transgender” man had full access to her in the bathroom and nearly assaulted her, and you’ll be outraged once you hear how the story ended.

To start, no child, no woman, no person anywhere should feel vulnerable in the restroom.

But thanks to stores trying to keep up with the “transgender” fad, the restroom is becoming a dangerous place for women and children.

Mommy Underground has been following this “transgender” trend closely and has sounded the alarm on what was bound to be inevitable once grown men were allowed to use the same restroom as women.

Sexual predators are getting bolder and bolder, and they’ll stop at nothing.

Even bathrooms that aren’t technically “transgender” aren’t safe, as individuals can simply claim they are the other gender, and scream discrimination for being denied to use the bathroom of their choice.

Those who wish to harm children have been given a shot in the arm and empowered by the latest “transgender” bathroom acceptance.

And for one family, they experienced unthinkable horror at the hands of a sexual predator.

A 10-year-old girl was shoved into a stall by a man who goes by the name Katie Dolatowski who told the little girl to remove her clothes and that someone would kill her mother.

According to The Courier UK, the quick-thinking, and extremely brave 10-year-old girl fought back by punching the man in the face, stomach, and groin and ran out of the bathroom to tell her father what happened.

Wow, this little girl was in the hands of a sexual predator and truly exercised boldness to protect herself.

But the point is, she shouldn’t have to!

While this young girl was brave, she is still traumatized and suffering flashbacks.

And now, the girl’s mother is warning other moms about the danger of sexual predators targeting children.

The Courier UK reported:

“He was stalking the toilets. He went there specifically to attack a child.

“We were so, so lucky that nothing worse happened. It was only her reaction that stopped that. It could have been a five-year-old child that wouldn’t have been able to fight back.”

One would think that this man would be locked in jail for attempting to sexually assault a child.

But he wasn’t.

A lenient and sympathetic judge decided to give the man “community service.”

But the mother wasn’t having it, and was absolutely furious at the judge’s ruling, and rightfully so.

The Courier UK continued:

“I don’t care that he has issues or what his background is, he is a paedophile and he has been let out on a supervision order.”

And she’s exactly right.

This man should have been locked up, but now he is roaming the streets and still a danger to his community.

It’s a sad day when yet again sexual predators have greater protections than innocent children.

Do you agree with the judge’s decision to allow community service for a man who nearly sexually assaulted a child?

What are your thoughts on the role of “transgender” bathrooms and the likelihood of further sexual assaults on women and children?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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