“Transgender” Bathrooms Endanger Women And Children – Here’s What You Can Do

As more businesses implement “transgender” bathrooms, women and children continue to be in danger.

After all, nothing brings sexual predators greater joy, than knowing they have the law to back up their opportunity to assault women.

And if establishments don’t start waking up at the danger of “transgender” bathrooms, women and children will continue to be the target of attacks, and it’s only going to get worse unless business owners make this major change.

To put it simply – “transgender” bathrooms should not be allowed.

Ever.  In any circumstance.

All they do is serve as a visible shining symbol for sexual predators to frequent and scout out their next target.

After all, if a sexual predator knows he has full access to women and children in the privacy of a bathroom, what will stop him?

As the “gender war” rages on women and children continue to get the raw end of the deal.

To think a woman can’t safely use a bathroom in a public place, without fear of knowing a grown man could be in the stall next to her, is deeply unsettling.

Even worse, parents used to send their children to the bathroom, thinking it was a safe place.

After all, it’s just a bathroom.

But not anymore.

As Mommy Underground previously reported, many moms stopped shopping at Target due to the “transgender” policy.

And a man was caught exposing himself to a child in the restroom at Target.

But instead of revoking their transgender bathrooms, Target only defended them further.

Even more terrifying, sexual assaults happen.


It’s a sad new reality, as our culture is inundated with porn, which continues to teach boys to view women as objects.

But the lust is more than a fantasy, as men are acting out on their thoughts.

And by allowing grown men into women-only areas, this further puts women on the defense, as they are forced to be vigilant, even during normal routines such as using a public restroom or changing area.

The Federalist reported:

“The rate of violence against women is rising around the world: 272,040 women were raped or sexually assaulted in 2016 in the United States. The rate of assault is rising in other countries as well.

Trans advocates often say that women can press charges against their assaulters. They fail to mention, however, that the very same laws protect trans-humans as well. We do not see male-only spaces being deemed “gender-neutral,” because some maintain this means trans people would be placed at risk of violence.

But it is okay to put the burden on women and children to defend themselves?”

But LGBT activists won’t stop until gender is completely a non-issue.

They don’t care women are getting assaulted, they only care about pushing “transgender” bathrooms.

Gone are the days when biological sex was taken into account.

LGBT activists are all about claiming “anything goes.”

It’s a sad new reality, but it’s true. Women must remain vigilant when shopping in public places and using the restroom.

One can only pray this dangerous policy gets reversed before horrific acts continue to happen.

Do you think “transgender” bathrooms should be outlawed?

Why do you think sexual predators are so drawn to “transgender” friendly establishments?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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