Sexual Predators Empowered By LGBT Bathrooms Endangers Women Everywhere

LGBT activists are determined to completely eliminate gender-specific bathrooms, and instead replace them with “transgender” bathrooms, designed to be used by both sexes.

They claim this is an “inclusive measure” which will make everyone feel “comfortable”, and are determined to ignore the warnings of how this dangerous policy makes women and children vulnerable to predators.

And as one woman learned the hard way, she was anything but safe while using the women’s restroom.

She entered in the restroom and knocked on a stall door, and thought she heard a man’s voice.

But seeing “female” shoes through the bottom of the stall, she assumed the bathroom was safe to use.

That is until she saw a phone videotaping her under the stall.

Immediately, she ran out of the bathroom and contacted authorities.

According to Fox Carolina, it wasn’t a woman using the restroom, but a man dressed in a wig and wearing women’s clothes.

Thankfully, this woman’s quick thinking caused the predator to be apprehended by authorities, so he could not harm anyone else.

The problem with the LGBT “transgender” bathroom agenda is massive.

By having loose policies, it empowers predators to take risks – even in traditional gender restrooms and changing rooms.

In fact, had this woman not been alert to what was happening, things could have ended up much worse.

Sexual predators know the new bathroom policies will give them full access to women to assault.

LGBT activists dismiss this claim as “conservative paranoia”, even though it’s happening.

As Mommy Underground reported, one man felt welcome in Target’s “LGBT friendly store”, and was caught red-handed videotaping up women’s skirts.

And now, with the left’s obsession with pushing the “gender neutral” bathroom policy, women and children will be the ones to suffer again, by allowing predators direct access to them.

But this bathroom trend is nothing new.

Mommy Underground recently reported on the new school trend to allow “same-sex” bathrooms in schools.

This dangerous precedent is quickly picking up steam, as more and more LGBT activists are screaming discrimination if anyone dares to disagree with their policy.

Thankfully the local woman at the store wasn’t physically harmed, but imagine the emotional harm she endured.

A woman should feel safe while using the restroom, period.

LGBT activists need to be reined in, not given more power to continue to harass and sexually assault women.

A woman shouldn’t have to feel on guard and alert paranoid someone will be videotaping her or waiting to pounce on her while using the restroom

And while this incident happened in a women’s only bathroom, the new “transgender” bathroom policy will only put sexual predators in direct contact with women.

Moms, it’s a sad world we live in these days, but no longer are children safe to use the public restrooms alone.

Sexual predators are empowered like never before, and with the backing of these new “gender inclusive” policies, they now have the law behind them.

Now more than ever, it’s critical moms and conservatives alike ban together, and speak out against any type of “gender neutral” bathroom – whether in local stores or schools.

The security and protection of women and children depend on it.

Do you think using public restrooms has now become dangerous for women?

What are your thoughts on the ever-increasing number of “transgender” bathrooms?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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