New York City Mayor States Toddlers Must Wear Masks To Avoid Another Shutdown

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As America finally relaxes their mask mandates – most people are in the clear – except for toddlers.

In fact, New York City Mayor Eric Adams has placed the responsibility of the entire city shutting down on the backs of toddlers.

And once you hear why he’s forcing 2-year-olds to still mask up – you’re bound to be outraged.

Mayor Eric Adams is still using a fear-based model to force people into compliance.

According to Adams, since children under 5 aren’t vaccinated – he’s worried that if they don’t wear masks at school, they will spread COVID-19 across the city – and force NYC into a citywide shutdown.

The fear mongering has got to stop!

Children continue to be used like pawns by leftist politicians to push their radical agenda. 

And while states like Virginia have finally rightfully reinstated the decision for kids to wear masks back to parents – other places like NYC refuse to release their oppressive grip.

Adams further went on to insult adults – claiming they are “tainted” by speaking out against authority… and that children are still willing to “let others” make decisions for them. 

To make matters worse – he had the audacity to say he’s “with the parents” but just wanted to make sure things were “safe first” before he allowed 2-year-olds to be maskless. 

LifeSite News reported:

“You’re going to be taking off your mask, like your big brothers and sisters are doing now, when you have big brothers and sisters, sometimes they do things first to make sure it’s safe for you,” he said.

“And those children, they trust it because they understand their parents and they trust their leadership. They’re not tainted like adults. They still feel that we have to make the right decisions for them.”

“And I’m with the parents,” Adams claimed. “I want those masks off, I said it in January, but I have to do it right to make sure the city protects its children, and don’t close down the city again.”

Give me a break!

Forcing preschoolers to wear a mask in school isn’t preventing a citywide shutdown.

Absolute madness.

Adams is an example of what happens when politicians have too much authority.

Naturally, parents in NYC are outraged their precious children are still being forced to wear masks…

… TWO YEARS after the mandate started.

LifeSite News reported:

“My 4-year-old is waiting to show her smile,” mother Daniela Nydich protested. 

“They’ve been in a mask for two years of their life in school. So this is the most pivotal years of learning for them. It’s how they learn, how to interact with their peers.”

And she’s exactly right.

These children have been traumatized and forced to cover their faces and social distance from their friends.

Likewise, it’s immoral for adults to continue to abuse and take advantage of the innocence of children’s trust in authority figures. 

Let’s hope parents push back enough so these children can finally show their smiling faces and get back to some sense of normalcy.  

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