Politicians In This State Continue To Back Parents Over Mask Mandate

Photo by GoToVan on Flickr.com


Leftist school districts are used to having liberal politicians enforce ridiculous mandates that they are more than happy to enforce – but that ship has sailed in Virginia.

Virginia finally elected a conservative team to lead their state – and Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin took office with intention – passing a slew of Executive Orders on his first day in office to stop the leftist madness.

And now a new bill has been signed into law officially allowing children to opt-out of wearing a mask – and restoring jurisdiction over masks back to parents – where it belongs.

WTOP reported:

“The bill, SB739, allows parents to “elect for [their] child to not wear a mask while on school property,” regardless of any COVID-19 protection mandates passed by local school boards or issued by state agencies.

At the signing ceremony in Richmond, Youngkin said of the move, “We are reaffirming the rights that we know all parents have,” citing “parents’ rights to make decisions for their children.”

What a huge and long overdue victory for parental rights in Virginia.

Leftist school officials have used their power to harass and intimidate conservative parents – even arresting some of them in school board meetings.

Sadly, many leftists are used to hiding behind even more liberal politicians at the state level who give them cover– but not anymore.

Elections have consequences.

And now that conservatives have regained control of Virginia, schools can no longer get away with their devious plans to lead children astray – and act out their COVID-19 paranoia onto innocent kids. 

Of course, some liberal schools are still protesting the mask ban – but they’re slowly letting up on their restrictions to comply with the new law which forces schools to drop the mandate by March 1. 

Cheers to Youngkin and his team for using their power for good.

No student should be forced to wear a mask against their will – and parents (not teachers) should be the only ones to decide if they want their child masked up or not.

And FINALLY our precious children can go to school and actually see each other’s faces – and enjoy laughing and smiling with their friends!

The past two years have been horrible for our children, leading many to feel depressed and even suicidal.

Nobody has been hit harder during the COVID-19 hysteria than our children – who were abruptly ripped away from their friends – even forced to eat lunch outside in the freezing cold sitting on buckets, in some school districts.

With the mask hysteria slowly starting to let up around the country – we can all breathe (literally) a sigh of relief – at least for now. 

But with Biden still running our country – it’s just a matter of time before the next oppressive mandate sweeps across the nation.  

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