Teachers Are Calling For An Overhaul Of The “White, Middle-Class” Grading System

Photo by Taylor Wilcox on Unsplash.com


Liberals have been trying to re-define terms and twist societies views on all things traditional.

It has gone so far that just being a white, middle-class United States citizen is demonized, being blamed for the source of all things wrong in the world.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get more ridiculous, leftist teachers are saying the letter a student gets on their homework is too “white”- as if it has nothing to do with learning the content!

The education system has taken a nosedive in recent years through implementations such as sex education in kindergarten and critical race theory in high school.

One Manhattan private school is even teaching that all white individuals are born racist!

But now a new aspect of the education system is catching fire.

The pandemic left a lot of children struggling with school for various reasons, from a lack of electronics or to a lack of structure in the home.

It has affected students so much that in Baltimore high school students came back from virtual learning with an average GPA of 1.0!

So what reasoning does the left have for this dramatic drop in pandemic grades?

That students need more assistance with learning the material? Or maybe that the drastic shift in routine has had an effect on the students?

No, of course not!

Logical responses to the issue would not be in line with the liberal way, all policy reform has to be sparked by a leftist buzzword like intolerance, inequality, or racist.

And it was one of these buzzwords that caused one school district to turn their grading system upside down.

The Los Angeles and San Diego Unified school district has faced a record number of students receiving D’s and F’s during the pandemic.

So instead of helping the students reach their potential they lowered the expectations and changed the grading system to allow students to have the potential to get a good grade regardless of “behavior, punctuality, or missed deadlines,” the LA Times reports.

English teacher Sarah Schopfer at Colfax High School in Placer County, California spouted to the National Education Association, according to Scary Mommy, how traditional grading systems are “unfair, overly subjective, inaccurate, and inequitable.”

How exactly is it unfair?

According to Schopfer it penalizes those students caught in the extremely rare scenario of being forced to drop their little brother off at elementary school or missing an assignment due to an ill family member.

Elizabeth Broadbent , English teacher for 10 years, writing for Scary Mommy believes grading is unfair on a much deeper level, catering to a white, middle-class system.

Conditions such as lateness, absenteeism, and tests, according to Broadbent, “reflect white, ableist, middle-and upper- class realities.”

She goes further to say that these are ideals that conform with college and job prospects.

Well, yeah!

Isn’t getting a job, whether through entrepreneurship or employment, the goal? Being able to support yourself and hopefully a family one day without the support of the government should be a valiant goal that is not defined by race or class.

Alison Yoshimoto-Towery, L.A. Unified’s chief academic officer, and Pedro Garcia, senior executive director of the division of instruction, wrote a letter to the principles of the Los Angeles and San Diego Unified school districts, saying:

Traditional grading has often been used to ‘justify and to provide unequal educational opportunities based on a student’s race or class,’”

The reality of the matter is that employers, doctors, and friends you meet for coffee are all going to have expectations of punctuality and responsibility.

This is not because one is a certain race, but that being reliable is an admirable trait that helps your life to run more smoothly.

To tell children they no longer have to listen to deadlines or can work on their own time they will undoubtedly fall further from academic excellence.

If we told our children they had to have their room clean whenever they got around to it, it would never get done!


Because they are kids and have to be taught responsibility by providing consequences when they don’t follow through. That’s what grades are.

Of course there are children who are smart apart from traditional courses taught in school, but forgoing all sense of time is not the answer to help children do better in school.

Do you think the traditional grading system is flawed?

And if so, do you think setting kids up to be productive in life is the reason for this, or that it is innately a “white, middle-class” oppression on society’s diverse ethnicities?