Former Planned Parenthood Board Member Admits Black Community Is A Target Of Pro-Aborts

Planned Parenthood’s worst nightmare has just come true.

Nothing makes them squirm more than former supporters coming forward with the sickening truth of what happens behind closed doors.

And in the latest leak, a black woman who previously sat on the board of Planned Parenthood, revealed the shocking truth of the underlying racism secretly ingrained into the very core of Planned Parenthood.

Dr. Tolbert confessed when abortions used to be performed in New York, a death certificate was required.

Yes, an actual death certificate was issued, clearly proving what pro-life activists knew all along – even the pro-aborts knew a baby’s life had been ended.

Pro-aborts knew they were murdering unborn babies, and that a life was a life, but they didn’t care.

This callousness and cruelty caused Dr. Tolbert to second guess what was actually happening, but when she spoke out, she was shut down by other board members.

LifeSite News reported:

Dr. Tolbert says that while she was with Planned Parenthood, she discovered that at one time, the state of New York’s Health Department required a death certificate for each baby that was aborted. “

And I thought, death certificates? Well a death certificate is only required if somebody dies.”

“And so, the information that I had learned that it was just a ‘blob of tissue,’ a ‘mass in the uterus,’ was not true.”

“Later on, as I began to read, I asked a [Planned Parenthood] board member how abortions were performed – I protested that this was traumatic for the mother and her baby. But, I was corrected and told, ‘It is not traumatic!”

And as Dr. Tolbert began to learn more about the horrific procedures used to take a baby’s life, she learned another horrific fact.

When she continued to see wealthy board members pull up in limousines, she questioned why they were so passionate about abortion.

As she put the pieces together, she learned they were trying to control the population, by aborting black babies.

It was clear some lives were deemed more valuable than others.

What’s even worse is they used her as a pawn to create “buy-in” for their pro-abort agenda.

LifeSite News continued:

“And I thought, what about housing and jobs and schools?… And every time I asked the question, the boomerang came back to me. And, I realized that Planned Parenthood-World Population [as it was called at that time] had one goal. And that was to control the population of those people they considered to be dysgenic – those people who should not be procreating.

Tolbert added, “The reason I was asked to be on the board was because I was the daughter of a pastor. And they realized the importance of those in the religious community preaching to our own community the ‘right’ to have an abortion” …

In her book, she describes how reading details of the horrific D&E (dilation and evacuation) abortion brought her to tears:

The dilation-and-evacuation abortion literally tears the baby apart limb by limb…. I was horrified. I came to the next meeting shaking with disbelief and filled with protestations. Holding up the papers, I said that these procedures were traumatic for both the mother and her baby.

An older woman sitting directly across from me looked me coldly in the eye and said in a low, rabid voice, “It is not traumatic!”

I was stunned by her insensitivity and chilled by her icy stare.”

And now, as a staunch pro-life activist, Dr. Tolbert speaks up and reveals the true heart of Planned Parenthood.

She blew the whistle on the racist and barbaric practices taking place inside the halls of Planned Parenthood.

Her story is even more unnerving, because she was actually on the front lines, watching it unfold.

Planned Parenthood has no respect for mothers, they usher in scared young women and strongarm them to end the life growing inside of them.

Even worse, their racist tendencies prove they have a larger agenda.

Are you surprised to learn Planned Parenthood is directly targeting the black community?

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