Judge Vindicates Father Who Was Arrested Standing Up For His Sexually-Assaulted Daughter

Photo by Karen Neoh on Flickr.com


A father’s worst nightmare came true once he learned his precious teenage daughter was sexually assaulted at school by a teen boy wearing a skirt who entered the girl’s restroom.

And during a school board meeting when the father of the girl tried to speak out against the dangerous “transgender” bathroom policy – he was arrested and painted as “crazy” by the left-wing media.

But after a judge heard the case – he vindicated the slandered father – and here’s what he had to say. 

To start – an investigation of the event revealed school officials completely mismanaged the entire situation.

They moved the teen boy to another school where he ended up sexually assaulting another girl!

And in their arrogance, the school board still tried to ram through more “transgender” school policies that would harm more children.

Naturally, parents were outraged.

But when the father of the girl who was assaulted attempted to speak at a meeting against the “transgender” bathroom policy – he was arrested.

The father, Jon Tigges, was charged with trespassing for refusing to leave the school board meeting.

The media smeared the father claiming a bunch of “right-wing nuts” were disrupting a “peaceful” school board meeting.

Photos surfaced of him all over the internet being hauled away in handcuffs. 

The judge who originally heard his case found Tigges guilty of trespassing, but Tigges appealed stating “Public officials can’t stop public comments just because they don’t like what is being said, nor can they demand that attendees not make noise of any kind.”, reported The Blaze. 

Thankfully, after appealing and going before a third judge – instead of chastising him – the judge sided with him.

The Blaze reported:

“Judge Douglas Fleming Jr. of the 20th Judicial Circuit in Virginia happened to agree with him.

On Wednesday, Fleming cleared Tigges of any wrongdoing.

Fleming found both that Tigges had a First Amendment right to attend the meeting and that Ziegler had no right to declare the meeting an “unlawful assembly,” thereby nullifying the grounds for the trespassing charge, reported the Federalist.

“Unlike the first two judges who ruled against my case, Judge Fleming actually made a ruling based on state statutes. … 

The first judge stated that since Ziegler didn’t ‘feel safe” he could have peaceful protesters arrested. 

The second judge determined that a person’s constitutional right to speech and assembly were not allowed during a meeting recess,” Tigges told TheBlaze. 

“Three’s a charm I guess.”

Praise God this father was finally vindicated!

Leftist school boards need to understand that there is an army of parents who disagree with their radical policies, and these parents will continue to attend school board meetings and speak out.

Let the precedent be set that meeting can’t be shut down just because it’s not going in the direction the school board wants.

Parents have a right, and a responsibility to advocate for the best interests of their children.

And any school who dares to pass LGBT policies needs to understand parents will no longer sit back quietly as their children are placed in harm’s way.

As for Loudoun County, we’re glad the truth was finally revealed and the father vindicated and cleared from any wrongdoing. 

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