Investigation Reveals School Officials Transgender Policies To Blame For Teen Sexual Assault

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A teen girl was sexually assaulted at school in the girls’ restroom by a biological male wearing a skirt who entered the girls’ bathroom.

School officials moved the boy to a new school… where he sexually assaulted another girl.

And now a shocking investigation reveals the school was to blame – and just wait until you hear the details.

We all remember the story about the father of the girl who was sexually assaulted who tried to speak up at a school board meeting…

… but got arrested!

At this contentious meeting, Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) was considering adopting radical “transgender” policies – and the father wanted to speak out against it.

But instead, he got handcuffed – and it turns out the LGBT policy was adopted – making Loudoun County schools a breeding ground for LGBT activists.

But then Virginia had an election and the dynamic changed!

A conservative regime was elected – and wanted a full investigation as to what happened with the sexual assault of two teen girls at school.

The results were shocking, although not surprising.

Loudoun Now reported:

“The jury stated in the documents they believed the Oct. 6 abduction and sexual assault “could have and should have been prevented,” saying administrators were ultimately to blame for the second assault.

“While we strongly believe LCPS bears the brunt of the blame for the October 6 incident and the transfer of the student from [Stone Bridge High School] to [Broad Run High School], a breakdown of communication between and amongst multiple parties—including the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, the Court Services Unit, and the Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office—led to the tragic events that occurred,” according to the report.”

The sexual assault shows what happens when “transgender” policies are put forth in schools.

Even though some claim the boy wasn’t actually “transgender” … it doesn’t matter!

The teen sexual predator exposed a loophole which allowed him to enter a female restroom – and a girl was sexually assaulted as a result.

And then reckless school officials allowed the same thing to happen again.

The “breakdown in communication” is no excuse.

Things were so bad in LCPS – even students were showing up at school board meetings begging for the LGBT madness to stop.

But of course – radical administrators only care about promoting their own agenda – and they will silence anyone who gets in their way.

Thankfully, the new Attorney General in Virginia demanded an investigation and got to the bottom of what happened.

And the new Virginia Governor has fought back against the radical LGBT policies in schools.

But there are still countless students all around the country who are subject to the radical polices being forced onto them by adults with an agenda.

Let’s hope it doesn’t take another sexual assault for school officials to WAKE UP and realize the danger of “transgender” policies.

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