Victory! Virginia’s Governor Fights Back Against Radical Transgender School Policies 

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With LGBT madness infiltrating our schools throughout the nation, things often seem hopeless.

Students are being encouraged to “change genders” and hide their new gender from their parents… while others are taken on lewd field trips.

And while Virginia was headed down that same path – the latest move by Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin proves elections really do have consequences, and just wait until you hear how he’s changed the pro-LGBT course in his state.

To start, Virginia was one of the most radical pro-LGBT states in all of America – thanks to their former leftist Governor.

Remember – the same Governor who advocated for infanticide also allowed pro-LGBT policies into schools – leading to sexual assault of students by boys wearing skirts who were allowed to use the same restroom as their female classmates.

And if parents dared to stand up to the school boards, they were shut down – or even arrested – simply for trying to protect their children.

But the truth is, every sensible parent knows “transgender” bathrooms only invite sexual abuse and encourage gender dysphoria.

Yet under a pro-LGBT regime, the attacks on our children seemed almost impossible to stop.

Thankfully, Virginia’s Governor Glenn Youngkin instituted a new policy protecting our children from the LGBT agenda that’s determined to destroy them.

NPR reported:

“The Virginia Department of Education released its 2022 Model Policies online Friday, effectively rolling back the work of Youngkin’s predecessor, Democrat Ralph Northam. The new rules will effect the more than 1 million children enrolled in the state’s public school system.

The revamped rules explicitly state that students must only use bathrooms and locker rooms associated with the sex assigned to them at birth. If a student wants to participate in a sport or other extracurricular activities, they must, again, only participate in teams that align with the sex assigned at birth.

Further, the legal name and sex of a student can’t be changed “even upon written instruction of a parent or eligible student” without an official legal document or court order.

Teachers and other school officials can only refer to a student by their pronouns associated with their sex at birth.”

What an incredible victory!

Teachers all around the country continue to be punished and even lose their jobs because they refuse to call a student by a “transgender” pronoun.

Other leaders like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis continue to fight on behalf of our children.

But we still have a long way to go.

Our children should feel safe going to school and not have to worry about being sexually assaulted in the restroom.

Cheers to Virginia for doing the right thing and reversing the disastrous pro-LGBT policies that endangered the lives of students.

Let’s hope more states continue to act – our children’s safety depends on it.

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