Shocking: Virginia Elects A Trans-Gender Into Public Office

The LGBT community has been on thewarpath since their beloved Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election.

An anti-Trump campaign has liberals vehemently fighting all things Republican, and all things morally grounded.

This crusade has led to a depressing precedent in American history, one that will, undoubtedly, lead to future shoe-ins into political office.

Danica (as his name has been changed to only a couple years ago) Roem, an open transgender female, was elected to represent the 13th district of Virginia.

The left considers this a stellar win because they have been void of one for years. The only reason, some would say, that Democratsstole such a seat was because of the national polarization over Trump opposers.

Activist Mommy reported:

“Danica” Roem, who plays in a death metal band and believes he is a woman, has become an emblem for the left’s battle against Trump-era Republicans, and so they are counting his election as a major blow to their ideological enemies.”

Longtime Virginia House of Delegates 13th district Republican representative Bob Marshall was the previous seat holder and had been since January of 1992.

Marshall’s most recent media spotlight was for his “bathroom bill”, as it was called, that proposed people use public restrooms based on their biological gender.

Although this is the most logical approach to using the bathroom, it has been a political storm in the last couple years due to the transgender community wanting to use the bathroom according to how they identified that day.

Twitter had a field day with the election and brought many liberal fanatics out to gloat their “victory”; which, apparently, had nothing to do with political knowledge and foresight, and more to do with how he likes to dress up as a woman.

Brian Krassenstein tweeted:

Danica Roem Has beaten anti-LGBT, anti-abortion extremist Bob Marshall.

The crazy thing is that Roem is a transgender woman and she won by approximately 10 points!

This was an absolute Blowout

The Dems are Rising Baby!!!”

Tony Schwartz tweeted:

Virginia Trans candidate Danica Roem — I got spelling wrong in previous tweet, — defeats author of Trans bathroom bill. Beyond poetic justice! Such a statement about how far we’ve come around gender, in spite of awful harassment revelations.”

What does that mean “come around gender”? Is that supposed to mean that gender should have no specific significance? If that were the case, it wouldn’t be such a big deal that the public eye view you gender specifically.

Roem’s professional experience is in journalism. He worked for a local newspaper for nine years before pursuing political office.

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NPR reported on an ironic quote from Roem:

I’ve dedicated my professional career to vetting information…and then reporting the truth as it is, not what other people hope it should be.”

It seems these professional guidelines don’t apply to his personal life because the truth is that you are male, and your hope is to become female.

On Election Day, Democrats had flipped seats in at least 14 districts, according to vote tallies from the nonpartisan Virginia Public Access Project”, reportedWTOP.

One such flip was won in the 51st district by an ex-Navy member, Lee Carter, who claims to be a Democratic Socialist.

On the official Democratic Socialist of America website they say Antifa is “comrades.”

The same organization that is responsible for millions of dollars worth of public damage is being supported by someone in a position that is supposed to advocate the advancing of public infrastructure.

It is a trying time for those with conservative values; honoring the family unit, respecting traditional roles, and having the government govern the country.

A dangerous transition is occurring where society in America is trying to put responsibility of the emotional whims of confused individuals into the hands of the government.

Please let us know in the comments section if you think Roem was put into office for political accolade or sexual orientation?