State Keeps Runaway “Transgender” Teen Away From Parents And Delivers Her Into The Hands Of Traffickers

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There should be nothing more important than protecting the safety of a child.

But in today’s bizarre reality – the government is more concerned with promoting LGBT rights – even if a child is harmed in the process.

In one of the most insane stories we’ve ever reported on – just wait until you hear how traffickers gained custody of a runaway instead of their parents.

14-year-old Sage is a biological female who ran away from home.

After her father died, her biological grandmother Michele Blair adopted her.

So, when Sage was found in Baltimore by officials after being with a sexual predator – one would think Maryland officials would have promptly returned her into the arms of her loving parents, right?


As it turns out, because Sage began “identifying” as a male named “Draco” – Maryland officials were concerned her adoptive parents wouldn’t “recognize” or accept her new “transgender” identity – so they placed her in a group home instead.

The Daily Wire reported:

“It is not possible to return the child to that home,” Judge Robert B. Kershaw wrote on Sept. 3, 2021, after an impassioned plea from Baltimore Assistant Public Defender Aneesa Khan.

Instead, the judge turned Sage over to the Baltimore City Department of Juvenile Services “for placement in a hardware secure therapeutic facility which makes reasonable accommodation for Respondent’s expressed male gender and desire to live as a trans male.” That meant housing the girl just rescued from a sex offender with some of Baltimore’s most troubled biological males.”


We have a troubled teen, struggling with her gender identity, and instead of placing her back into the loving home of her adopted parents – they place this minor with a bunch of troubled biological males.

One couldn’t even possibly believe this story could get worse – but it does.

Sage ran away again – and was discovered in Texas after she apparently was trafficked to pedophiles.

But unlike Maryland who kept Sage from her parents – Texas returned her home.

Sage’s grandmother shares the horror of what went on behind the scenes, and how Baltimore’s Assistant Public Defender Aneesa Khan was said to have coaxed young Sage to “lie” in order to avoid going home.

The Daily Wire continued:

“She shared with me on Monday, January 31, 2022, that she was told to ‘lie’ by Attorney Aneesa Khan so that ‘she could win the case,’” Blair wrote in her complaint. 

“Sage stated, ‘Attorney Khan told me to tell the judge my parents hit me, starved me, then made to make my own dinner since I was 8 years old.’ This lie has caused great anguish to Sage. She was relieved to admit she had lied to the judge and the court.”

“Sage was 14 years old when she suffered the evil of minor commercial sex trafficking. Instead of competent juvenile attorneys who should understand the developing adolescent brain and that brain that has been traumatized and vulnerable, Sage was manipulated and coerced once again by those in charge of her,” Blair continued.”

While Sage is home, the trauma and horrors she experienced on the streets and the sexual abuse from being trafficked will take years to heal from.

Every single adult who is more worried about “protecting transgender rights” instead of actually protecting the safety of children should be locked up.

Sage had already faced sexual abuse when she was discovered in Maryland, but instead of stopping further abuse – Maryland’s actions allowed her to be trafficked and traumatized again.

The LGBT agenda is wicked – and it must be stopped.


We need to continue to get the truth out there of what is actually happening to our children – before it is too late.

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