Doctors Pressured Her To Abort Her Baby With Downs Syndrome But This Mom Refused

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Jessica Capitani and her husband struggled to conceive – so the couple was THRILLED to learn they finally were expecting their first child.

But throughout all the excitement at Capitani’s 20-week ultrasound – doctors informed her their baby had Downs syndrome.

Immediately, the doctor pressured her to have an abortion – but Capitani refused – and revealed the horrors that happen once doctors find out a baby is said to have special needs.

To start – just because a baby is said to have a medical diagnosis – it never justifies abortion.

Yet time and time again – doctors scare women into thinking abortion is their only option.

And more often than not – doctors get it wrong!

While Capitani’s precious baby did have Downs syndrome – the baby didn’t have another suspected medical diagnosis.

Instead of being silent and suffering alone, Capitani revealed the truth on how doctors responded once it was confirmed her baby had Downs syndrome. 

Live Action reported:

“Because she was now at 21 weeks, the doctor told Capitani he’d schedule an immediate appointment for an abortion. Under Pennsylvania law, pregnancies can be terminated up to 24 weeks and she was approaching that mark.

Capitani said, “He wanted to connect me with a genetic counselor to discuss late-term abortion, but I wanted to meet with other specialists to get more information on hydrocephalus which [the baby] supposedly had as well. I later learned he did not have that disorder.”

She noticed her baby was now referred to as “a fetus” or “it,” as if the child she had yearned for was not a life to be valued. “Instead of being pregnant, I now had a diagnosis,” Capitani said. “As if I had a horrible cyst growing inside of me, they couldn’t wait to eradicate. There was that subtle pressure to have the abortion.”

Thankfully, she resisted the pressure to get an abortion – and when she felt her precious baby boy kicking and moving inside of her – she knew she made the right choice.

And when she finally saw his face during a 4D ultrasound – she was more determined than ever to keep her son.

Capitani gave birth to an incredible baby boy named Caden – whom she says changed her entire family for the better.

Instead of bowing down to the fear her doctors pushed on her – she made a decision in love – and has never regretted it.

Like so many families touched by Downs syndrome – Capitani has dedicated a portion of her life helping other families who have been failed by the medical community.

She’s chapter president of The Arc, a non-profit who serves people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Pregnant moms who find out they are carrying a baby with special needs should feel supported and empowered…

… not led to despair and fear.

Thankfully, more special needs advocates are helping pass legislation to protect these sweet babies.

And let’s pray a day will come that even the thought of aborting a baby with Downs syndrome (or any baby) will be unthinkable.

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