Radical Doctor Orders Pregnant Mom’s Abortion Without Her Consent

Pregnant women are told time and time again they have control over their bodies, including the little baby growing inside their womb.

But when one woman was pregnant with a special needs child, a callous doctor decided he wouldn’t let her have the baby, at least not under his watch.

He even went so far as to schedule an abortion to kill this mother’s unborn baby, and you won’t believe the end result.

Hannah Sudlow had tests done during her pregnancy and was told all the things that would be wrong with her baby.

At first, they thought Hannah’s baby would be born with Down syndrome. Then, doctors admitted to mixing up the test results, and determined the baby would be born with Trisomy 18, which doctors claimed was “incompatible with life.”

Without asking Hannah’s permission, the doctor scheduled an abortion!

She refused, but her doctor attempted to pressure her.

Live Action reported:

“He said, ‘You can’t keep her. I don’t think you know how serious this is,’” said Sudlow.

Obviously upset, she called the doctor who had scheduled the abortion – a doctor she had never met – and told him she wasn’t doing it. As she sobbed on the phone, he told her to save her energy for the child she was carrying – the child he had scheduled an abortion for without consent. After she refused the abortion again, the office she had been going to for her entire pregnancy refused to provide her with prenatal care.

“The driving force behind my pregnancy was that I did not start Evelyn’s heartbeat and I did not have the authority to decide when it stopped,” said Sudlow. “She was ALWAYS safest inside my womb, and I had to protect her.”

Despite challenges after birth, little Evelyn made it out alive, and is thriving!

So many doctor’s tried to discourage this pregnant mom, refusing to take on the complicated case while she was pregnant – demanding Hannah at least make it to 25 weeks pregnant, before they’d see her.

And then after birth, some doctors refused to perform surgery to help baby Evelyn survive.

It is an absolute abuse of power for a doctor to think he has the right to schedule an abortion for a pregnant mom without her consent.

Thankfully, Hannah fought back and refused to get the abortion.

But what about all the scared young girls who would have trusted the opinion of the doctor?

And because of New York’s horrific new law, babies like Evelyn who have special needs are truly in danger.

The stigma against babies with special needs has got to stop.

While there may be difficulties and challenges, these babies deserve the chance to be born and experience life to the fullest.

And they certainly don’t deserve to die at the hands of a radical doctor who had the audacity to schedule an abortion without even informing the mother.

Cheers to Hannah for being brave and carrying her baby to term!

And Hannah admits it is her faith that helps her get through.

Live Action continued:

“Only God is the holder of time. That is freedom to me,” she explained. “It frees me up to be Evelyn’s mom and enjoy her like I would any other child. I pray for wisdom with her health and God to open doors when something needs done, but knowing her life has its own purpose takes that weight off of my shoulders.”

“The moment we stop defending the weakest & most vulnerable in our society will be a complete tragedy,” wrote Sudlow on Facebook. “I will always share my story. I always stand in the gap. I will always choose life.”

Prayers for little Evelyn, and may she continue to grow and experience joy, thanks to the bravery of her mother who stood up to radical doctors and fought to save her little girl.

What are your thoughts on Hannah’s doctor scheduling an abortion without her consent?

Do you agree with Hannah’s decision to move forward with the pregnancy and have her baby?

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