Heartless Mother Wishes She Had Aborted Her Son With Special Needs

It’s an inherent trait – mothers protect their babies.

Which is why when one mother told her sickening story, stating she wished her son with Down syndrome was never born, it shocked the world.

But the most insane thing about her article is, her son is alive.

Yes, the baby she wishes were dead, has been living for 47 years.

And now, this mother actually wants the world’s sympathy for caring for her son.

The op-ed starts off with the “poor mother” telling her tale of trying to travel to Greece on a plane, yet because of her son throwing a tantrum, she wasn’t able to go.

As if the whole world should mourn because a vacation was “ruined” because of her adult son.

Instead of having compassion for her child, she felt shame.

And I’m sure her child, felt that shame passed on to him.

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