Mom Shares Inspiring Message As She Watched Her Daughter With Down Syndrome Graduate College

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One of the biggest stereotypes facing those with Down syndrome is that somehow, they will suffer from a poor quality of life and never be able to accomplish anything.

Of course this is blatantly false, and Rachel High, a 44-year-old with Down syndrome proved critics wrong as she walked across the stage graduating with her college degree.

As her mother Miriam celebrated Rachel’s victory – she had the most incredible reflection on how things would have been so different if she listened to those who tried to convince her to give up Rachel.

Why would anyone ask a mother to give up her child?

Well, many well-intending people (back in the olden days) simply thought a child with Down syndrome belonged in a home so they could be better cared for.

While this isn’t the norm these days, some people still think it.

And as Miriam watched her daughter walk across the stage – she couldn’t help but remember the words people had said to her, how they discouraged her to simply forget about Rachel and put her in another home, so she could have a “regular” child.

Faithwire reported:

“When Rachel was born 44 years ago, we were told that it would be a good idea if we put her in a home and went and had another child,” she said.

“Here was this little girl, this baby, that people had such little hope for and now she might be changing the world for other people as a result of this.”

Thankfully Miriam didn’t listen to those who doubted her daughter’s potential –she always loved and believed in her daughter.

What a beautiful moment 44 years later for this precious family as they celebrate such a major accomplishment for Rachel.

The road wasn’t easy, but Rachel persevered.

Reflecting on her accomplishment, Rachel hopes her story will inspire others with intellectual disabilities to keep on striving.

ABC News reported:

“The stereotypes [are things] they should ignore,” she said.

“People like me should ignore that and work on it to teach them a lesson.

“[Studying] has really changed my world and my life.”

Amen, Rachel!

Individuals with Down syndrome are just as valuable as anyone else – and it’s beautiful to hear the many ways they are changing their community, and even the world.

From inspiring their school classmates as a vibrant cheerleader, to bringing an entire audience to tears – individuals with Down syndrome are a blessing to all who know them.

Congratulations to Rachel on earning her college degree!

May you continue to shatter stereotypes all throughout your life, and inspire others to dream big.

Cheers to you on ignoring what others thought you could or could not do – and we celebrate with you in your achievement.

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