Young Man With Down Syndrome Brings Entire Crowd To Tear

Andrew Self is a 21-year old adult with Down syndrome who loves to dance, and has always dreamed of winning a dancing competition.

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So when “The Greatest Dancer” audition was taking place in his hometown, he just had to audition.

Not knowing what to expect, the audience waited in anticipation, but nothing prepared the crowd for the performance they were about to witness.

It takes guts and courage to put yourself out there in the public spotlight and give others a chance to either approve or shun you.

Many people are too timid to ever audition in such a public forum, but Andrew loved to dance, so he decided to give it a chance.

Some people wrongly think those with intellectual disabilities are not able to achieve successes in life.

But Andrew was determined to have the world view him for his talent, and not discard him because of his disability.

LifeSite News reported:

“Having Down syndrome, it doesn’t stop me from doing anything,” Self said in a pre-audition interview.

In this competition, the latest produced by Simon Cowell, dancers perform in a closed studio, watched by an audience via video. If 75 percent of the audience votes for the dancer, a mirrored wall opens to review the live audience and three judge “captains.”

Some auditions can have a brutal ending, even causing the audience to “boo” performers off stage.

But when Andrew performed his routine, not only did the mirrors open up, and bring him out into the public, the roaring crowd adored him, and applauded loudly even giving him a standing ovation.

Others were so moved, they began to clap through tears.

Even the judges were amazed at the heart and passion of Andrew.

LifeSite News continued:

“Glee veteran Matthew Morrison, a judge captain, told the young dancer that he was inspirational.

“I just have to say that I think you’re going to inspire a lot of people with the performance that you just gave today,” he said”.

And young Andrew’s performance proves what pro-life advocates have said all along – every life matters and every baby should be given a chance at life!

He won the hearts of an entire audience who simply adored him.

Andrew may have loved to dance, but his public performance shattered the stereotype that people with Down syndrome are trapped in their disability.

While some countries adhere to the false stereotype that babies with Down syndrome will never amount to anything, and therefore should be murdered before they are born, Andrew’s performance is just one example of many showing the world individuals with Down syndrome can grow up to live normal lives

Thankfully, our culture is starting to shift to a mentality of celebrating and honoring those with intellectual disabilities.

From companies like Gerber who featured a baby with Down syndrome on their jar, to stories of encouragement being published highlighting the amazing accomplishments babies with Down syndrome can grow up to achieve, if they are just given a chance at life.

Cheers to Andrew! We love and support you too.

Were you surprised the crowd was so receptive to Andrew’s performance?

Do you agree individuals with Down syndrome can achieve great things in life if given the opportunity?

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