Babies With Down Syndrome Just Received Backing By A Major Company

Babies with Down syndrome are being attacked from all angles.

Some countries brag about eradicating their entire existence, other pro-abort supporters advocate for their death far into a woman’s pregnancy.

But one company took a bold stand and said enough is enough, and showed their love and support for babies with Down syndrome in a major way.

Gerber is a household name for all parents.

The Gerber baby was famous, as parents fed their hungry children with the smiling face on the jar for years.

But in 2010, Gerber began the search for the new Gerber baby, and each year, they hold a contest for parents to submit photos and stories to show why their child should be the Gerber baby.

Receiving the award is a big deal for parents; after all, their child would be featured on the Gerber baby jar, consumed by babies everywhere.

And when one family thought their baby should be the winner, they sent in an adorable photo and story.

As it turns out, even though their baby had Down syndrome, they still thought he should win.

And what makes this story so heartwarming, is Gerber agreed and now for the first time ever, the new Gerber baby features a baby with Down syndrome.

The Washington Post reported:

“It was Lucas’s smile that won him the iconic contest, said Bill Partyka, chief executive and president of Gerber

“Every year, we choose the baby who best exemplifies Gerber’s long-standing heritage of recognizing that every baby is a Gerber baby,” Partyka said. “This year, Lucas is the perfect fit”.

This is a major win for babies with Down syndrome, as being accepted by a large company like Gerber sends a message to the world, that babies with Down syndrome matter too.

And Lucas’s parents were raving in the joy of their baby winning.

The Washington Post continued:

“Lucas’s mother said she was totally floored that Lucas won. She has heard from people all over the world who are congratulating Lucas, and telling her that his smile is warming a lot of hearts.

She said in his new position, she hopes Lucas will bring more understanding for people with conditions such as Down syndrome.

“We know Gerber chose him because of his cuteness, but it also is spreading awareness of acceptance of people with disabilities of all kinds,” she said. “No matter if we have a disability or not, we’re all just humans.”

His father, Jason Warren, said he thinks Lucas is a pretty good role model.

“We hope this will help people kick-start their own lives and give them more confidence,” he said. “They might think that if Lucas can do this, what can I do in my own life?”

Lucas can in fact show that being born with a disability does not mean one cannot succeed in life.

And to organizations dedicated to changing the face of disability in America, this is a huge win.

Today reported:

“Katie Driscoll is founder and president of Changing the Face of Beauty, a non-profit organization committed to advocating for equal representation of people with disabilities in adverting and media.

Driscoll says brands like Gerber have the power to change the future of the disability community by valuing the minority as a consumer in their advertising.

“We believe if brands represent children with a disability, they are communicating their value to our society,” said Driscoll. “Moves like this move us closer to a more inclusive world.”

Congratulations to Lucas on being the 2018 Gerber baby! We at Mommy Underground support you.

What are your thoughts on Gerber selecting a baby with Down syndrome as the new Gerber baby?

Do you think little Lucas can change hearts and minds, and cause people to be more accepting of Down syndrome?

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