The Cheerleader With Down Syndrome Has Captured The Heart Of Her Entire School 

Bailey Edwards is an 8th grade girl who happened to be born with Down syndrome.

While many people mistakenly think individuals with special needs can’t go on to live completely normal lives – Bailey proved the critics wrong yet again.

And once you hear the story of how she captured the hearts of all those who know her, you’re sure to be touched in a special way. 

Bailey loves her school and wanted to showcase her school spirit by becoming a cheerleader.

Instead of shutting the door to her dream – her squad welcomed her in with open arms, many of the girls became inspired at just how hard she works.

But not only did Bailey impress her fellow cheerleaders, she captured the respect and admiration of her entire school community.

Not expecting anything to be handed to her, the assistant principal commended Bailey for her strong work ethic. 

WLOX reported:

“Bailey earns everything that she gets. Nothing’s given to Bailey,” said assistant principal Michelle Boudreaux. “She works just as hard, probably a little bit harder, than everyone else.”

Biloxi Junior High students said they are inspired to be like Bailey: confident, fearless, and full of heart.

“She just shows that whatever disability you have, you can do whatever you need to, whatever you want,” said Layla Prentiss.”

Bailey is yet another example of an individual with Down syndrome shattering the status quo.

Instead of letting her disability define her – she was simply just herself – dancing and cheering and doing what she loves.

As a result, her heart and dedication are so evident that she captured the heart and respect of her entire school community!

As Mommy Underground previously reported, there are many individuals with Down syndrome who are changing the world and shattering stereotypes.

Who could forget the young man whose routine on The Greatest Dancer brought an entire audience to tears.

Or the model with Down syndrome who showed the world her beauty.

Thankfully companies are starting to become accepting of those with special needs – like Gerber who selected a baby with Down syndrome to be the Gerber baby. 

Bailey Edwards showed the world having Down syndrome doesn’t stop her from being an ordinary girl – who loves to cheer and show off her school spirit! 

Not taking their acceptance for granted, Bailey showed her gracious appreciation for the support she receives from her school. 

WLOX continued:

“Doing the stunts is good! It’s fun to be out here and playing out here,” she said. “Everybody’s so supportive of me.”

With so many teens who are mean and unaccepting of those who are different from them, it’s always refreshing to read stories about young teens embracing those around them. 

What are your thoughts on Bailey Edwards being a cheerleader?

Do you agree individuals with special needs can change the world with their gifts?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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